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For many years Massage used to be counted only as a Luxury but it has been proved that Massage Therapy or Spa Therapy is an effective way of Treatment approach. Massage therapy can treat different types of Injuries and illness.

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All types of spa therapy and Massages including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sport massage, hot stone, Chinese massage, mobile massage and Indian massages have been proved to be highly effective to improve the general health mentally and physically. Swedish massage is one of the most popular massages among the people especially the beginners in the massage therapy as beginners might find some types of massages a bit painful in the beginning of their Massage therapy. Swedish massage is very relaxing and enjoyable. For techniques used in Swedish massage are Vibration, Petrissag (squeezing and rolling), Friction, Effleurage (smooth gliding strokes) and Tapotemen (short taps done with cupped hand). Deep Tissue massages focus on the deeper layer of muscles tissue. It is suitable for people suffering from body joint pain such as neck pain, back pain, sore shoulder or to recover from any types of injuries. This type of massage breaks body adhesion apart through putting force on sore muscles. Deep Tissue massage could be quite sore and painful for 1 or 2 days and is recommended for people who are more familiar with massage therapy Chinese massage is a technique suitable for cleaning and removing the toxins from your body. The massage therapist first massages your back for 10-15 minutes to warm up your muscle and create a better blood flow. Then the suction is created using Glass cups through fire or hand pumps. The cups will be left for about 10 minutes. Then the massage therapist continues with the rest of the body. The Cupping will leave some temporary red marks on the back which will go away after few days Hot stone Massage is suitable for relaxation reveling stress. Smooth and heated stones are placed on the certain area of the body to relax the muscles for some time; this will enable the massage therapist to get to the deeper tissue layer of the muscle. Once muscles are warmed and relaxed, the massage therapist start massaging the body with her hands. The
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