Rema Lawn, Pretoria

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Everyting that you need for your garden and lawn treatments is just a phone call away! We can provide you with the following services and products in Tshwane Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng. We have a wide variety of iron garden decor products available to enhance your garden's features. From decorative plant supports for your vegetable garden to trellis and gazeebo's.

Company description
lawn treatments, control of lawn weed infestations on lawns and paving areas, insect control for:
Lawn mole crickets, Lawn cut worm, lawn caterpillar, Lawn ants, Lawn termites, Lawn black garden crickets, ticks and fleas, spiders infestations, rodents, mice and rats, irrigation - new and repairs, converting manual irrigation systems to automated systems, Instant lawn - LM & Kikuyu, Organic top soil, Trimming of bushes, Cleaning electrical fences from bushes, branches and trees, Spike rolling, Leveling of lawn surfaces, iron garden furniture, garden decor and accessories, plant and flower pots, decorative display units, arches and gazeebo's, iron decorative plant supports, decorative fencing, mural flower boxes, shelf bracket.
Gauteng, Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Tshwane, Insect Control, Fertilizing, Lawn Treatment, Shelf Brackets, Branches and Trees, Cleaning Electrical Fences from Bushes, Convert Manual Irrigation Systems to Automated Systems, Decorative Display Units, Decorative Fencing, Garden Decor and Accessories, Instant Lawn - Lm & Kikuyu, Iron Arches and Gazeebo's, Iron Decorative Plant Supports, Iron Garden Furniture, Irrigation - New and Repairs, Lawn Ants, Lawn Black Garden Crickets, Lawn Caterpillar, Lawn Cut Worm, Lawn Mole Crickets, Lawn Termites, Lawn Ticks and Fleas, Leveling of Lawn Surfaces, Mice and Rats, Mural Flower Boxes, Organic Top Soil, Plant and Flower Pots, Rodent, Spiders Infestations, Spike Rolling, Trimming of Bushes, Weeds Paving Areas, Lawn Weeds


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