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updated on 02 November 2018

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, updated more than 2 years ago

Attitude towards Black people I was very disgusted on how I was treated when I went to fetch the medication prescribed by a near doctor, as Mega pharmcy you can other stuff you need as well. I tried to buy my Make up there but was told "my kind" is not allowed to try in tested by the sshop assistant, asked for the manager and got even the worst attitude, cancelled my prescription as I am not willing to do business with racist people. You have lost a customer.

Attitude to customers and prices

, updated more than 2 years ago

Your shop is very helpful especially for its long working hours. however something must be sorted out: There are two possibilities about the way your shop handles customers especially black customers, its either you dont like blacks, or you dont know how to handle customers. 95% of the time when I use this shop I never had one - just one - of your staff smiling. When some of the ladies staff workers serve you they speak to you like you are deaf. At some stage they will stand more than a meter from you and ask what you want - as if you are smelling or you are stupid to stand there waiting for assistance. Your prices are dangerously high. For a problem I had solved for R11.00 tablets your shop offered me R60.00 worth of products.
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, updated more than 2 years ago

complaint about my son medication. i have receiced the monte-air 5mg chew (204040)s3 it was supose to 28 but inside the box its only 14 tables and its for the 1st time. the sad part i always saw them after a week. my concern is it a mistake or what because now its a continues thing
#not happy with this
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, updated more than 2 years ago

My daughter went to Mega Pharmacy on Saturday with a prescription from Dr. Texeira- Vereeniging. She was told that there are no funds in the medical aid, therefore she must pay cash. She did not have enough money, and came back home without the medication. On Sunday I went to Mega chemist with the prescription and paid R126 cash, but to my surprise a notification from my medical aid indicates that the chemist has claimed the money. This is double payment, and I do not know what I did with the receipt, as this will be my word against theirs. The notification says that the medication was received on the 12th, and yet I got the medication on the 13th.
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... fell on my tailbone...

, updated more than 2 years ago

On Sunday 24-05-2009 I went to Mega Pharmacy @ around 6:30 to get myself some pain killers because I fell on my tailbone, and the staff at Mega are superstars; thanks for the superb service.

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