Johannesburg Social Housing Company (Joshco)

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Johannesburg Social Housing Company (Joshco)
137 Sivewright Ave, 1St Floor
2094 Johannesburg
011 406 7300
011 406 7300
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JOSHCO performs two principal functions. Firstly, it acts as a developer; by appointing contractors and professionals to build
suitable housing.

Company description
Before construction takes place, JOSHCO ensures that suitable land is obtained and that the necessary finances are secured, either through grant funding or low interest bearing loans. JOSHCO also refurbishes existing properties such as hostels and buildings within the Inner City.

Secondly, JOSHCO manages newly constructed rental housing stock as well as existing housing properties acquired from the City of Johannesburg. Management of properties means that JOSHCO selects, allocates and trains suitable tenants for occupation, ensures collection of rentals, conducts regular property maintenance and ensures that customers receive a good and reliable service.
JOSHCO's mandate from the City of Johannesburg is very specific. In terms of a resolution passed in
March 2004, JOSHCO was "appointed as the preferred implementing agent for social and institutional housing developments in the City of Johannesburg and to:

Manage all Council owned rental stock
Manage and refurbish staff and public hostels
Develop new rental stock and to implement other mutually agreed housing developments
Provide housing management services and turnaround strategies where necessary".
Social Housing
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, 30 January 2018

I want to know of how do we apply because every time I call there is a lady telling me that there are no flats available, even today I called requiring about the Devland and Dobsonville flats and I was told that it is still under construction and she doesn't know when the applications will start so my question is if the workers of Joshco don't know anything then how do we get help then and why are they stingy with the info because its not like we won't pay the rent or is it because they want their own people to stay on those flats. PLEASE GIVE US THE CORRECT INFORMATION

, 05 January 2018

I called and i went to visit the buildi and i was told the are no flats available please assist i really need a place to stay with my kids

by 18 January 2018

I am renting for someone at joshco rent to buy unit.the lease holder passed away .the family of the deceased were not able to pay the rent so they sub letting us the unit .since 2014 .we were used to send money for rent to natal were the family lived. But later we discover that they were no longer paying when we send money ..we pay all the arrears at joshco straight. Now we paying at joshco straight .since 2014 the family never came back or calling .l went to joshco officies several times but the employees they can't help me .right now l can't move in / out furniture .because they need lease holders to sign. The lease holder didn't pay anything on that unit on capital. Instalment is still owning help me joshco employees its for now staying in that unit .

, more than 6 months ago

I'm living around freedom park i like to apply for the low cost ( rent to buy ) i wish I can get one of this on devland

, more than 6 months ago

I am so disappointed because everytime I am told that there are no flats or houses, sometimes I am told that they need people eaning less salary whilist I see people who earn more than myself getting flats, what must I do now??????

, more than 6 months ago

Everytime I try to apply they say no available flat at the moment. but some people get assistance and they flat, am so disappointed

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