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INSTITUTE FOR CORPORATE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT SOUTH AFRICA Mission Statement: To establish a communications platform for awareness, debate and publicity on commitment to Sustainable Development within the areas of the environment education, agriculture, health, social integration, community development within Corporate Social Investment and to create public awareness through various media and training programs for the benefit of identified beneficiaries.
South Africa has carved a foothold as one of the global destinations of choice, showcasing the collective will of South African society to tackle the challenges of economic growth, job creation, education and environmental issues through various Corporate Social Investment initiatives. For these reasons The Institute for Corporate Social Development SA (ICSD – a registered non profit organisation Reg No.2011/125350/08) proudly introduces the first of its kind, Corporate Social Review magazine, a comprehensive source of CSI information.

Company description
Corporate Social Review has been structured as a communication space for South African businesses, allowing them to align their vision and strategies with the unified effort to achieve a ‘more developed, democratic, cohesive and equitable economy’. It aims to demonstrate the strength and co-operation between government and business to promote education, growth, agriculture, sustainability, job creation and environmental responsibility through a collection of articles, features and advertorials from public and private sector leaders, neatly contextualised in a quarterly, business to business publication. We will be presenting your organisation to a local and international platform from which to showcase your commitment, increase investment in the country and confirm South Africa’s role as a world leader.

We educate; inform; foster relationships; and facilitate understanding on a range of topical issues and subjects. Offering a variety of information-based communication tools aimed at developing the public-private partnerships, and other business relationships needed to facilitate local economic growth and development encouraging a strong set of social, empowerment and development policies.
The publication profiles the leaders in best-practice principles, human resource excellence, fiscal and operations management success, social investment and environmental sustainability.
Corporate Social Review is committed to contributing meaningfully to the creation of a sustainable social legacy for future generations in South Africa, economically, socially and environmentally. Through creating a platform that raises the profile of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and serves to educate investors, board members, management and technocrats, Corporate Social Review will bring all elements of sustainability together. It provides readers with meaningful and practical editorial, and delivering to the market place a benchmarking vehicle.
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Service areas
The ICSD offers a wide range of Corporate Social Investment-related services to organizations and individuals in the public and private sectors, as well as in the professions. These include: • Thought leadership • Training • Advisory services • Assessments • Project Management • Communications • Marketing • Public Relations • Business Development • Consultancy • Media – Multiple Platforms • Organisational Membership • Capacity Building The ICSD is committed to stimulating and advancing awareness of Corporate Social Investment/Responsibility in South Africa and Internationally. We participate regularly in public debates in the media and provide various media platform lead through our quarterly publication Corporate Social Review -


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