Elysium Spa, Johannesburg

updated on 2019/12/06


Looking for a sensuous and unforgettable boudoir experience that you’ll be sure to remember long afterwards? You’ll find it at Elysium Spa, a place of 50 shades of pleasure.

Company description
Dusk. The magic hour.

His hand quivers, as he presses the discreet doorbell. Two sets of gates, like Venus fly traps, open and swallow him, guiding his trusty German steed into a spacious parking stable (spacious enough for a politician’s motorcade of 40).

Twinkling lights, gentle lapping of the turquoise pool, manicured lawns.

The reception door winks coquettishly.
He enters.

Music, feminine laughter, clicking of stilettos, tinkling of glasses.
Massage, Massage Therapist, Batchelors Parties, Gentlemans Lounge, Ladies Lounge, Massage Palour, Mens Longe, Professional Massages


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