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updated on 14 August 2017


, updated 1 year ago

Fantastic service when I visit them every time, never had a problem with service. Well done keep it up guys

Radesh Singh

, updated more than 2 years ago

Today 08/10/2015 my son took his 1997 Honda Civic 160i to DRSA for a diagnostic after numerous discussion with the workshop foreman Daniel. They checked the charge rate with a multimeter and got a reading of 13.83 volts which they deemed as over charging. We requested this in writing from owner Stanley and workshop foreman Daniel to which they refused. The owner began to get aggressive towards my son and also stated that he wanted to strangle my older son who had gone to them on Monday (05/10/2015) with the distributor. The owner also went to the extent of threatening and calling names towards my younger son whose car this is. The history is that we had the distributor repaired twice at DRSA via West Rand Honda dealership and on the third occasion we contacted Honda to find out whether we could directly to the service provider due the urgency to which they agreed. We took the distributor to DRSA and was told by Daniel that they will not. Over or honor the guarantee because the car is over charging and blowing the distributor. We paid the amount and got the distributor repaired. To my son's demise the distributor pack up the very next day in Durban. A Mechanic advised my son to get a second hand imported unit which he got and is still running well now. It is appalling to see that a business owner like this can get away been abusive towards paying customers and more over not upholding their guarantee. Instead they find every excuse in the book not to honor their guarantee. I will pursue this matter because all we want is for them to repair the unit under the guarantee. Take note that the 13.83 volts recorded by them is still within the parameters.....and can be proven.

Worst Customer Service Ever

, updated more than 2 years ago

The worst customer experience ever received, I got called names and a liar after I complained about poor customer service.Can't believe they get away running a business like this. What happened to the customer is always right service ?
#Shocking & Rude
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Fantastic guys

, updated more than 2 years ago

These guys are fantastic!

by updated more than 2 years ago

The worst customer service I have ever experienced , stay away from them like the plague. I was called names and a liar when I complained about poor service received.

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