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Biebie Productions
120 Vryburger Avenue
7441 Cape Town - Bothasig
Western Cape
You need it, your gateway and specialist to all forms of Communication.
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Your gateway to all forms of communication training!

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My specialization lies in offering you high quality, custom designed courses to meet your needs. Many of my clients don’t have years to study; they only have a few weeks or 3 months to develop their skills under the umbrella of Speech, Acting and/or Personal Development. I can help you achieve your goal!
I am a specialist in elocution and speech therapy. My speech therapy sessions can correct any speech impediment and/or help recover vocal communication abilities as in the case of stroke patients.
Whether you are a member of the general public who wants to improve their communication skills in the workplace and/or in general; an actor who needs to master an American accent for an international production in film, television and theatre industries; or simply want to achieve your personal goals in life...My courses are a valuable stepping stone for anyone who wishes to achieve their goals.
Description in a foreign language:
I train all foreigners in Neutralizing/Reducing there accents so that they have a better chance of communicating in the working environment. i have trained British, French, American and various African accents from in and around South Africa and have had great results.
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Cape Town
Spoken languages
English, Afrikaans, a Bit Of Italian
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    Accent Classes What should be the main goal of any pronunciation class or course? What are the kinds of exercises that will help you improve your pronunciation? First, the main goal of any Elocution/pronunciation course should be to focus on accent reduction, not accent elimination, which is technically 2900 ZAR

    Pageant Interview Question Training Do you have high hopes for your pageant interview, but you’re not sure what questions to practice and you’re feeling as if you haven’t got “the right” answers? Are you a pageant contestant who’s struggling when practicing for your pageant interview? Or, are you a pageant parent trying to 2300 ZAR

    Counselling Counselling is a talk therapy where you gain a greater understanding of yourself. Counselling aims to help the individual find their own way forward and allow them to be their authentic self. Often we can get caught up in what’s expected of us or how society dictates we should be rather 300 ZAR

    Self Awareness Actualization This course is for any individual who wants to know who they are, what their purpose is, and how they can better themselves. Self Awareness is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. 3000 ZAR

    Communication Skills Great communication skills, comes with the power to influence and encourage others and yourself in a team setting. Whether you are a manager, team leader or an individual contributor, this course is for anyone who wishes to become an effective team player in the workplace. 3000 ZAR
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