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Good day My name is Gugu Ngcobo from Mandeni in KZN 120 km North of Durban. I was a student with your College in 1997 to 1999, majoring in Music and English. My lecturers were Mr Livingstone/Ms Alinaya and Prof Mulenga. the registrar that time was Mr Hlanze and the Rector was Dr Lebese. Mr Hlanze was as well my tutor for a Bible course we corresponded through Voice of Prophecy, during my third year. I enjoyed my stay with the College although it was tough because I had to adapt on many things like a new diet and that my mother was the bread winner at home. I appreciate the quality education you bestowed to me. everywhere I go or I have to present something people notice that I am not an ordinary teacher. I have my way of presenting things that I learnt from everyonre at Bethel, my home. The confidence I have was through your hard work you did to me. In 2000 I was employed by Sappi forest products, the company that produces paper. I facilitated ABET there, and I was lucky they enroled me with Media Works for an interactive ABET course of which I excelled on it. It was unfortunate that in December 2000 they had to terminate my contract with them due to lack of funds. in March 2001 I approached my high School principal to offer me a chance to volunteer at his School as the department was not employing teachers at the time. He gave grades 10 and 11 English and grade 9 General Science. The following year 2002 I only tought grade 12 English until 2012. I worked without a salary for a year and a half. In 2002 June the governing board managed to give me a stipent of R800.00 so that I can buy washing soap and a roll on. It went until May 2003. then in June 2003 I got a permanent post as a post level 1. When I was teaching I was more than the teachers that were earning salaries. I continued with the support of my mother and that I pledge to work hard. In 2008 I was promoted to be a senior educator and an acting H.O.D in 2011, then in 2013 I got a lecturing post with Umfolozi TVET College. I continued studying, I have an ACE in English, Diploma in Project Management, Diploma in Public administration, Assessor certificate and I am currently in second year of corresponding my degree in Vocational studies. I would like to thank everybody who contributed in my life. I always remember all the Pastors and lecturers who assisted me to becoma a teacher of thi caliber. Thank you and God bless you in abundance. I am now busy with my work 'EASE YOUR ANXIETY ENGLISH STUDY GUIDE' that covers Grammar, Creative Writing, Literature and Orals. the stuy guide can be used by Grade 7,8,9,10,11,12 and tertiary students. the first rough edition is out but still polishing up some things. By God's grace I believe that at the end of 2015 the my book would have gone all the stages. Stages like getting the ISBN and the publisher. I am mentioning this beacuse I want the College to be proud of its product. My wish is to venture into Educational business. I am planning to do the Moderator and the SkillS Development Facilitator course to be able to flourish well. Lastly I have advertised myself with a local newspaper as a private teacher for Grade 12 English F.A.L . I wish to vist the College so much. I will always remember you my home and the people full of inspiration. Your ex-student Gugu Ngcobo

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