VerticalZA (Pty) Ltd - Products


QUANTUM (40) 14 Seater with Driver for Hire (NN) or FORTUNER (41) 4.0 V6 4x4 Automatic - for Hire (OO) 40. 14-Seater Quantum with driver for hire, transportation to and from airports, for student transportation or daily trips. Etc. R1250 per day excluding vat, unlimited km. Contact Master: 076-906


SAKABUKA (39) KENNELS Derdepoort (MM) Boarding 39. We’re a home away from home for animals, including dogs, cats, birds, pet hamsters and other critters. Feeding them good food, we give them a clean, cosy place to sleep. Supply them with sufficient roaming space and check-up on them. Your pets will


Tree Felling (37) & Pressure Cleaning (KK) Hire 38. VerticalZA is offering their services for dangerous tree felling, pruning and high-pressure cleaning, can clean any window, balconies, roof/cutters up to 38m high using our own reliable equipment to get to those hard to reach cleaning. No Matter how


Sandblasting Pot 200liter (36) & Automatic Compressor (JJ) Sale/Hire 36. Require some sandblasting?? Need a compressor?? We can do you it for you or you can do it yourself. Contact VerticalZA for your sandblasting and compressor needs. The units can accommodate sandblasting & compressor needs


Platform Lift (35) 4000kg with Hydraulic Unit (ii) SALE 35. Platform Lift 4000kg with Hydraulic Unit available