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BSP fittings are quite in demand. These are available in different sizes. The dimensions are as per the American standard ASME. These fittings are of high-quality and as per the standard required


Euro Steel is a leading supplier of decorative finishes including brushed and decorative finishes. These are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, durable and inexpensive. Some textures are scratch resistant and also mask finger prints, making them an ideal choice for shop fronts and


Aluminium tool plates are one of the hardest yet lightest metal plates available, with several non-corrosive qualities suitable for a variety of applications such plates are used in the construction of structural, general engineering as well as several other agricultural applications. EuroSteel, a


The Cape Town based company Euro Steel provides a vast range of quality special alloys to their customers. Some of the stainless steel alloy variants include 254SLX, 1926hMo, Alloy 255, Alloy 20, and many others. Their collection of alloys also includes aluminium brass, nickel-copper alloys, and many