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Website design

Website Design that offers the following: – a website that is easy to maintain and keep up to date – a website that is very affordable – a system that is fast and reliable – a website that has been properly optimised for search engines such as Google – a marketing system (sending SMS’s, newsletters and emails from a web portal) – mailing list management system and “join our mailing list” button on the website with an automatic link to the data base – a system that will enable a person to always have electronic brochures, price lists, photos, and forms at hand (one can even be on the beach and forward important documents to customers) – a system that works across different technology platforms (PC’s, the new Windows mobile phones and older generation phones) – custom “look and feel” (500,000 different possible combinations) – videos, advertising space – SMS system – various “additional modules” for specific industries (e.g. loan applications, estate agent listings, appointment booking system, online shop, online forms etc)

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