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Refrigeration in the wine industry

, updated more than 2 years ago

I posted this review because I believe that Wynroete Verkoeling is an excellent company in the Refrigeration Industry. Hi my name is Mark Eck. I live in Brackenfell and therefore I give my support to Wynroete Verkoeling! I work for GEA Refrigeration as an Industrial refrigeration technician/mechanic and we do refrigeration in the wine industry aswell. We design install service and maintain quite a number of refrigeration plants on wine making farms. Nederburg, Spier and Monis are our biggest clients. Refrigeration in the wine industry is a very challenging and tough industry! It requires refrigeration systems with massive cooling capacity that can satisfy the cooling duty required under constant heavy load and at the same time make it all possible under extreme heat conditions in the hottest time of the year as the grape season is in summer. Maintenance on these refrigeration plants are extremely high and require a lot of attention and the refrigeration must be on 24hour call to ensure the wine making process and operations run smoothly. Therefore Service and maintenance must be done regarly on the refrigeration plant which include compressors service must be up to date, oil and gas levels must be correct and systems must be in healthy running conditions to ensure optimum cooling! Most of the Freon systems in this industry operate using water cooled condensors and cooling towers and therefore maintenance must be done on the water system, such as the piping, water pump operation, water treatment and regular cleaning of water filters or strainers to ensure proper water flow through condensor to prevent high head pressures. These wine cooling refrigeration systems are usually secondary refrigeration systems that first chill water or preferebly glycol. The chilled glycol is stored in large holding tanks and are fed via large pumps and distributed to the large wine silos/tanks that chill the wine and the glycol then returns back to the evaporator/heat exchanger to be cooled again and recirculated in the glycol system. Therefore maintenance is required on the punps, the piping and to ensure the correct water and glycol levels and concentrations. It is very important and very crucial that the refrigeration system is running and operating correctly because there will be a constant heavy load or feed of grapes or product that must be cooled throughout the season when running production and most importantly that the product must be cooled and maintain a specific temperature in order to produce or create wine. Refrigeration in the wine industry then also will require cold rooms to precool the grapes and for the wine to be kept in storage such as barrel rooms and stainless steel storage tanks. Refrigeration is also required to chill water for the wine laboratory when performing tests on wine samples or testing alcohol levels. As you can see Refrigeration in the wine industry is very important, challenging and requires allot of maintenance and servicing and 24hour standby service for the whole season. Another factor is that refrigeration in the wine industry is mostly only profitable for the six months of production and the refrigeration company providing the service will only derive an income from those 6months of service work provided that the winery does not do most of the maintenance work themselves! Repairs and Upgrades are seldomly available to be done after season when winery stops running production and machinery is shutt down. That is why I believe that Wynroete Verkoeling is a very well established and unique company to be able to achieve success in such a specific field of work and surely must provide their customers with a very proffesional and excellent service and standard! The Best!
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by updated more than 2 years ago

Hi Mark, thank you for the kind words. This industry is indeed challenging and we wish all of the best to GEA. I believe we share a common passion for refrigeration as odd as that might sound. If refrigeration is the heart of wineries and wine making, I believe we are the heart surgeons of wineries and such job can not be done without the passion that it deserves!

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