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04 Oct 2014


WE BUY IT (Pty) Ltd. we refurbish electronic waste (ewaste). Providing solutions that will ensure that your organisation safely and cost effectively disposes of its redundant I.T. assets. We specialise in the Refurbishing, Remarketing and Recycling of electronic waste (computers, laptops, printers and other I.T. equipment).

We provide your organisation with a total solution that gives you peace of mind, whether you are looking to cash in on assets that are no longer relevant to your organisation or are looking to safely recycle I.T. assets (Electronic Waste) that cannot be remarketed.

Company description

What is ITAD? ITAD is an acronym for "I.T. asset disposal", these are redundant information technology assets (desktop computers, laptops, printers, servers etc.) in your organisation that are either out of warranty, outdated, overstocked and/or no longer suitable to the needs of your organisation.

We offer favourable market related prices on the buy-back of computers, laptops, lcd screens and other I.T. assets from your organisation, meaning that you are able to recover some monetary value on their disposal.

Refurbishing and Remarketing

I.T. assets recovered via ITAD are refurbished, meaning that assets are taken through a thorough hardware test and new software licences are issued (through the registered Microsoft refurbisher program). Refurbished assets are remarketed (resold) in markets where they are still in demand.

What about your data? We ensure that all your data is protected and safely destroyed this can be done via our data wiping solution or data storage device (Hard drives, tape disks, usb's etc.) shredding solutions also our team can assist in removal of storage device from laptops, desktop pc's, servers if your organisation chooses to keep the storage devices.

Data wiping- We offer a hard drive wiping service, we provide a full report on each device wiped and the machine in which it was located (please note that depending on the number of machines and devices there might be a service fee for this service, contact us for a quote).

Secure Data destruction- We use a secure data storage device shredding facility and can videotape the destruction process on request (please note that this service has a service fee attached to it, contact us for a quote).

The above services can be offered on a standalone basis to your organisation.
Recycling, Computer Recycling, Electronic Waste, Asset Disposal, Computer Scrap Recycling, Ewaste Recycling, Electronic Waste Recycling, Ewaste Buyback, Laptop Recycling, PC Recycling
Service areas
Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand, Gauteng


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