Sinegugu Security Services, Noupoort

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1. incoming and outgoing delivery notes will be verified and signed off by the Security Officers at the gate access points.
2. No items shall be permitted to enter or leave the premises without the necessary authorization All paperwork. A copy of Delivery notes shall be retained at the Security points.
3. No visitor will be allowed onto the premises until appointment has been confirmed.
4. Regular alcohol testing will be performed where deemed necessary
5. All parcels / personal carry-bags entering or leaving the premises will be thoroughly searched.
6. All suspicious parcels, persons, activities and/or situations will be carefully observed by Security Staff and brought to your attention immediately, or as soon as possible where unforeseen circumstances dictate.
7. No firearms will be permitted to enter the premises. These shall be retained by Security Staff and locked in the Security Office in a suitable container / gun-safe.

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