Pie City, Umtata

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With stylish, contemporary design, comfortable seating and added conveniences like cell phone charge points, our stores are an absolute pleasure for consumers.
Our menu has a variety of offerings all backed by our "If it's not perfect, you don't pay" quality guarantee. This includes pies, pizzas and Cheezollas all made from 100% real meat and the finest ingredients on offer and our own refreshing Pie City brand of 100% fruit juice blends.

Company description
Our franchisees are loyal to the Pie City brand. Many of them have been with us from the beginning and most are now proud owners of multiple stores. In just over 14 years we have opened 165 stores in South Africa alone and already occupy over 20, 000m2 of prime retail space. Since repositioning the brand 6 years ago, foot traffic has increased by up to 45%.
Imagine eating a big meaty pie...filled with tender cubes of real meat and rich gravy, oozing from fluffy layers of pastry that melt in your mouth as you bite...

Or how about a mouthwatering pizza, made with loads of toppings and plenty of melted cheese...?

And to cool you down, real fruity juices that refresh mind and body...

Stop imagining! That's exactly what you'll find in any one of our Pie City stores...

Pie City is a home-grown franchise concept developed in South Africa with the first outlet opening its doors in November 1994. The first few outlets were so successful, that in 1995 we began franchising our stores and today we have 165 stores across South Africa, 9 in Botswana and 3 in Zambia.

Pie City stores specialise in the manufacturing and retailing of a vast variety of pies, pizzas and fruit juices all made from the best ingredients possible. We only use 100% real meat, chicken and cheese to make our pies and pizzas and our juices are all made from blends of 100% real fruit juice - in summary, no substitutes for the real thing!
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