Pie City, Vereeniging

updated on 2018/11/02

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Opens in  6 h 44 min.
6 h 44 min


Our franchise model requires that a franchisee initially sets up a manufacturing unit and then expands their business by means of satellite stores of which they are the owners. We do not franchise one off stores. Pie City offers their franchisees the best quality and level of ongoing support, feedback and advice to help them run successful businesses. Pie City stores specialise in the manufacturing and retailing of a vast variety of pies, pizzas and fruit juices all made from the best ingredients possible. We only use 100% real meat, chicken and cheese to make our pies and pizzas and our juices are all made from blends of 100% real fruit juice in summary, no substitutes for the real thing! The "Pie City" concept is one which will assure any investor an opportunity to reap great benefits from his/her association with us.

Company description
Pie City also understands that in today's economic climate, consumers cannot risk spending their hard earned money on brands that they can't trust. We're so confident in the quality of our products that all our products are guaranteed by our "If it's not perfect, you don't pay!" quality promise. Our menu has a variety of offerings all backed by our "If it's not perfect, you don't pay" quality guarantee. This includes pies, pizzas and Cheezollas all made from 100% real meat and the finest ingredients on offer and our own refreshing Pie City brand of 100% fruit juice blends. We also believe in being generous with how much goes into our pies and pizzas so at Pie City you'll find the Biggest, Meatiest, Best Tasting Pie in Town! and pizzas that are Saucier, Meatier and Tastier than the rest!
Foreign language description
Pie City winkels spesialiseer in die vervaardiging en kleinhandel van 'n wye verskeidenheid pasteie, pizzas en vrugtesappe al gemaak van die beste bestanddele moontlik te maak. Ons gebruik net 100% reële vleis, hoender en kaas vrugtesap om ons pasteie, pizzas en ons sap is al gemaak van mengsels van 100% ware - in die opsomming, geen plaasvervangers vir die regte ding! Ons merk en die produk aanbod so gewild is dat daar sedert 2003 het ons is genomineer as 'n Top 10-merk in die Ipsos Markinor / Sunday Times Top Brand Survey (Fast Food and Restaurant kategorie) vir 5 opeenvolgende jaar, vir 3 van wat ons was die enigste pie merk om genomineer te word. Pie City is 'n tuis-gegroei franchise konsep ontwikkel in Suid-Afrika met die eerste uitlaat opening sy deure in November 1994. Die eerste paar winkels was so suksesvol dat in 1995 het ons begin franchising ons winkels en vandag het ons 165 winkels regoor Suid-Afrika, 9 in Botswana en 3 in Zambië.
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