Hearing Aid SA, Durban

Hearing Aid SA
Shop 19A Umhlanga Centre, 189 Ridge Road, Umhlanga
4319 Durban
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At Hearing Aid Labs we develop and produce modern and remarkable hearing aids. Our quality hearing aids are imported from Germany delivering excellence in design and production ensuring an impressive customer satisfaction ratio. Hearing Aid Labs is predominantly a Natal based group of outlets in South Africa with shops located in Kloof, Westville, Musgrave, Kingsburgh, Scottburgh and Margate.

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Company description
We are however excited to announce that we will be opening a new hearing aid store in Centurion, Johannesburg.

Visit one of our shops for a free hearing check and a video onscreen view of your eardrum to ensure that it is free to function correctly without wax impediment

Who Founded Hearing Aid Labs?

Richard Lloyd founded Hearing Aid Labs with the knowledge and experience he has been accumulating with the manufacture and dispensing of hearing aids since 1995, that’s more than 15 years.

Richard’s principal philosophy which he has enforced in every store is speed of service for repairs and a structured training program for the new wearer paced at your own individual level.

Patience is our strategy and is necessary to achieve the high success rates that we have attained over the years.


Many of the components in a hearing aid are easily sourced so bring in your new hearing aid to be serviced and ultrasonically cleaned.

If your used hearing aid doesn’t function then bring it in for a quote. Let’s see if we can fix it and get it calibrated (tuned) to your current hearing need.

We support all other hearing aid makes as well
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Hearing Aid Labs


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ARRIVA SERIES Hearing Aids Arriva is the number one choice in audifon’s Classic product line. It guarantees best performance with its robust Adaptive Feedback Cancellation (AFC²) and is suitable for every type of hearing loss. Choose from a wide range of BTE, ITE and power devices. 1 ZAR

Elia Series – Hearing Aids for Hearing Loss With Sound Dynamix technology, elia hearing systems adapt to different sound environments automatically. Modern and contemporary in design, elia is available in a variety of styles including RITE, BTE, ITE, miniCIC and power custom aids with up to 70 dB gain. 1 ZAR

VICO SERIES Hearing Aids Vico includes audifon’s Storm DSP for high processing efficiency allowing for superior sound quality with significantly lower power consumption. 1 ZAR

PRADO SERIES Hearing Aids Prado hearing systems stand out with their noble design, high quality technology made in Germany and an outstanding price-performance ratio. Prado is available in BTE, ITE, RITE and power ITE and BTE housing, offering an maximum gain up to 70 dB. 1 ZAR

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