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Our company was founded in 2010 and provides commercial, and residential cleaning services. Each and every one of our professional cleaners are thoroughly trained in respect to each cleaning task and have each successfully completed all of the necessary safety training involved.

Company description
Our company's goal is to professionally clean and service each of our customer's facilities and buildings to the best of our abilities and in the highest standard possible. At Eyesizwe Cleaning Services, we understand that our customers want as few hassles as possible and therefore Eyesizwe shall provide strong management and direction for each project to ensure services are delivered to you in a smooth and hassle-free manner.
We look forward to the opportunity to service your needs and become a valued partner in maintaining and improving the appearance and cleanliness of your business.
EYESIZWE CLEANING SERVICES'mission is to provide the customer with all residential cleaning services in an environmentall sound completely trustworthy and professional manner. We exist to attact and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our service will exceed the expectations of our customers.
To create a service based company whose #1 goal is exceeding customers expectations. To increase our number of clients served by 20% per year through superior service. To develop a sustainable home-based business, living off its own cash flow. The utilization of EYESIZWE on a regular basis by at least 30% of the leads that contact us for more information.
To be the preferred and best cleaning services company in South Africa. Through professional and hard work we strive to deliver the best cleaning services. To offer an outstanding service by keeping our clients happy, smiling all of the time.
Excellent customer service skills, commitment to high quality and professional service in every task and encounter small size, allowing direct management oversight of every project. Have the tactical expertise to minimise the learning curve for our clients and minimise their expenses. Be part of our clients business team. Insure the timely launch of each clients cleaning project. Generate…
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