Digital Cherry Designs, Pretoria

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Specialize in Custom Embroidery Digitizing.
All Digitizing done manually on Pulse Signature Illustrator Extreme 2009.
Professional Service. Competitive prices.
Free Stitch Estimates. No surcharge for rush orders.
Turnaround time 4 – 12 working hours.
Based in Pretoria, Gauteng.
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 16:00, Fridays 08:00 - 15:00

Company description
Including the services of a qualified Graphic designer with more than three years digitizing experience and training on industrial embroidery machines Digital Cherry Designs offers a creative, unique and personalized answer to all your digitizing needs. Because we specialize in only Embroidery Digitizing we can focus all our attention to this specialized trade. Training on the machines gives us a unique advantage knowing how the process works from receiving the design for digitizing to sampling and viewing the end product. We use Pulse Signature Illustrator Extreme 2009 for all our digitizing. All our designs are digitized manually. We believe that automatic digitized designs do not have the same quality as manual digitized designs. Automatic digitizing programs do not possess the sophistication to compensate for certain limitations and creative decision making the human factor adds. Digital Cherry Designs is based in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa but have handled digitizing for local & international companies using industrial machines as well as ladies using table top machines. Thus we can cater for any ones needs. Digitizing is the first and the most important step of the embroidery process. Quality digitizing means enhanced details, sharper designs, less thread breakage and less wasted materials ensuring faster & smoother production runs to meet your deadlines. Our aim is to create exquisite high quality designs at a reasonable price. We never sacrifice our quality for the sake of finishing more designs. Without using any unnecessary stitches, the quality of our designs are higher than any of our competitors. We accept a wide range of image formats. Whether you have a digital image or a scan of an embroidered logo, as long as the image is clear we will be able to digitize it for you. Do note that the better quality the image, the more likely we will be able to create a well detailed digitized logo.
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