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Payroll Outsourcing

Processing of the payroll on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly schedule. Compiling of personnel/staff pay slips monthly directly via Payroll Software packages. Providing salary advices to employees. Electronic payment of net earnings to individual staff / mployees. Registrations of PAYE, UIF & Workman’s benefit / Compensation. Presenting meticulous and data compilations of salary / earnings, deductions as well as leave summaries Calculated estimations of payment amounts are due for SDL, UIF and PAYE. Submitting of unemployed insurance fund/UIF records / reports. Submitting of regular monthly EMP201’s to SARS by means of e-Filing. Submitting of twice yearly / bi-annual EMP501 reconciliations directly via SARS Easyfile. Preparing IT3 & IRP5 certificates. Process and file for mid- and end-of-tax-year processes.
Swift HR Payroll Administration services affords you simplicity of use, dependability and flexibility. Regardless of whether your company is an SME or even a multinational enterprise, we meet the needs of your unique organization as well as legislative demands, assigning you our rock-solid customer support you will need to nurture your business with full confidence. ​ Payroll activity is typically a very time-consuming and consequently a burdensome undertaking. Even though small and even larger business owners can certainly struggle with payroll administration for very different reasons, the alternative is always the same: ​ Outsourcing non-core functions such as payroll admin is a focal point increasingly more businesses and organizations are looking toward, with a purpose to greatly improve proficiency and even greatly reduce overhead expenses.

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