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Flexible Profiles


Manufacturing a range of Flexible Profiles

For use with Aluminium Doors and Aluminium Windows

Also Eding Trims and Furniture Trims

Please call Andy 011 824 1420


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ABS Profile Extrusion


Now Manufacturing a range of products of ABS Profiles.

Should you require a Quotation on your current Profile Extrusion

Please call me or send me a mail to

Also manufacturing a range of various Extrusion Profiles with a range of plastic materials.

Industrial Vacuum Hose


Now Manufacturing a range of Flexible Plastics Industrial Vacuum Hose 32mm, 36mm, 38mm, 50mm in max length of 20.0 mts

Pool Hose


New Pool Hose Products complete range of Superior Pool Pipe for Automatic & Manual Pool Cleaners.

Also a manufacturer of Pool King LEADER Hose ( Highly Flexible ).

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Profile Extrusion


Profile Extrusion

Marketing a range of Profile Extrusions with various plastics.

LDPE, HDPE, Pvc, ABS, etc

For Samples or to place an order

Contact :- Andy

011 824 1420


Pipe Extrusions


Pipe Extrusion

Marketing a range of products manufacured with various materials, LDPE, HDPE, Pvc, ABS etc.

To Place an order or for samples of products.

Contact :- or call 011 824 1420

Quality Pool Hose


Quality Pool Hose

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