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Display Your Products in Style

10 months ago

Tubal C is firm of shop fitting suppliers in Cape Town which started out in a small factory space in the Montague Gardens area in the year 2000 as an all-purpose steel engineering business. They soon evolved to specialising in shop fittings, especially of the off-the-wall mounted display variety. This shop fitting display system is adjustable and flexible and can also be adapted to be fitted on dry wall. This solution is known as the Tubal C Modular Display System. Tubal C also offers the Slimblock System, besides having diversified their offerings in general steel engineering.

The Tubal C display solution is a versatile modular display system. It is designed to provide aesthetic and cost-effective fittings for shop display. If you are in Cape Town and are looking for neat, visually appealing and highly functional shop fittings to provide a unique shopping experience to your customers, visit their website to engage in their live chat at http://tubalc.co.za/ or email Tubal C at info@tubalc.co.za. Their address is: 8 Beacon Way, Beaconvale Industria, Cape Town, South Africa. Or consult them over telephone: +27 21 928 3340

Special Features of The Tubal C Display System

  • Shop fittings simplified
  • Solutions for every retail need
  • The Tubal C Wedge
  • Top class plastic interfaces
  • Advanced Engineering

The benefits of using Tubal C

  1. Fast and low-impact installation procedure – the system is easy and quick to install. Only four bolts are required to fix each post.
  2. Easy relocation – if you happen to be moving your shop, the procedure for uninstalling and then re-installing the fittings is simple and entirely hassle-free.
  3. Adaptable to change – If you need to change the layout of your shop, you can easily make modifications in the displays to accommodate, say, a new product range.
  4. Budget-friendly – If you are opening a low-budget store, you can easily start with the bare minimum components first and then, when you’re feeling expansive later on, you can upgrade to accommodate additional components or the fancier bits and pieces.
  5. Nationwide availability – Delivery is made straight to your door, whether you order online or from a physical store, regardless of your location in the country.

No matter what sort of products you need to put on display in your shop, you will get a high-end look and feel with Tubal C fittings. So go ahead and order now.

About Tubal C:

Founded in 2000 in Cape Town, South Africa, Tubal C caters to all your shop fitting display needs.