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Passion for Dog Grooming


Passion for Dog Grooming

So I’ve decided to add a blog to The Million Hairs Club website. Where does one even begin… I have 11 years of memories and stories and tales to be told of my business, The Million Hairs Club.

And then it dawned on me, it’s February. The month of love, chocolates, red roses and PASSION.

PASSION… what a great word and I don’t mean my feelings for my husband (sorry Charl).

PASSIONate! One word that sums up the way I feel about The Million Hairs Club.

I have always been PASSIONate about animals. There is photographic evidence – dating back to me being a toddler – of my love for all creatures great and small. From the obvious pets  – cats and dogs – to the more unusual frogs, hedgehogs, snakes, rabbits, chooks, a duiker and even a baby baboon. The list is endless.

It’s hardly remarkable that I would land up in a profession where I can be PASSIONate about animals all day long.

My aim is to provide pets (and obviously their beloved owners) with a reliable, reasonably priced grooming service. In an environment that is not only safe – where they should come to no harm but also an emotionally safe place. Work with your heart before your work with your hands – are words often said at The Million Hairs Club. Be imPASSIONate.

comPASSION. In giving back to those in need.  The Million Hairs Club  gives freely of our time once a week to The Randburg SPCA. We spend 2 hours endeavouring to turn “scruffy’s to fluffy’s” in the hope that they will find a forever home.

PASSION for the people, the staff that are part of The Million Hairs Club family and giving in return for what I receive. I strive to hold these wonderful people close to my heart. To teach them, guide them, laugh with them and love them. I am honoured that in 2017 we shall celebrate the 10 year anniversary of 3 staff members.

May my love never waiver and let me never become disPASSIONate about The Million Hairs Club.

So PASSION it is!
How lovely to wake every day and be excited to “go to work”.



Is this work or is this love?

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