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Top Secrets of Influencer Marketing

5 months ago

With statistics like $6.85 in earned media value for every $1.00 of Influencer Marketing paid media (Burst Media, 2017), Influencer Marketing is dominating the social media landscape. 

Adweek research states that “94% of those who’ve used influencer marketing believe the tactic to be effective”. In order to retain the awareness and your buyers past the initial burst of posts, it’s vital to understand that Influencer Marketing is a relationship, not a business transaction. This requires a strategic influencer marketing approach.

As with most relationships, it’s important to select the right people to hang out with. These are the faces that will represent your brand. If you focus on millennials, young, hip, and urban chic influencers will offer bespoke solutions to your crowd. If, on the other hand, your market is far more traditional, your influencers should reflect the primary characteristics and values of your brand. 

The R-Squared Digital strategists work hand in hand with you to translate your marketing strategy into an influencer Marketing strategy. We use extremely advanced technologies to research influencers based on their social media profile, reach (number of influencers), engagement rate (because the number of people interacting with the influencer's post is more important than the number of people who just clicked on "follow" without engaging), and the audience analytics.

The last is critical. By selecting an influencer by description rather than by audience, one might not choose the right influencer. 

Fashion campaign case study:

Influencer 1 is a fashion Instagram influencers and has 250k followers

Influencer 2 is a fashion Instagram influencer with 127k followers

For a fashion campaign, one would think that influencer 1 is the perfect choice. However, our analytical tools might show us that influencer 1 has an engagement rate of 0.23% (575 people), mostly on food pictures (not from people interested in fashion), while influencer 2 has an engagement rate of 1.36% (1727 people), mostly on fashion pictures.

Influencer 2 would therefore be the best because that influencer has 3 times more impact to the specific target market. The return on investment by choosing influencer 2 would therefore be significantly greater, at a lower cost, and the success of the campaign much higher. Selecting the perfect influencer is a big part of our expertise.

Influencer Marketing is about people, not technology. People will follow, engage with and support content from influencers they like, who embody the values they trust and believe in. An influencer who truly embodies your brand values will share why they love your brand. From a strategic perspective, the best way to leverage the message is by utilizing multiple influencers whose stories overlap, and whose audiences overlap, to create a slowly unfolding online journal of why your brand is the best.

Acquisition might be your top of mind priority, but to best serve your brand’s interests, the benefits of focusing on long term retention of customers is far greater with an influencer marketing strategy incorporated in your company or brand’s traditional marketing strategy.

The R-Squared Digital team have extensive experience in the influencer marketing space, with their origins in the adMingle brand. However, due to demand, adMingle is now one of many services offered by R-Squared Digital. 

By partnering with R-Squared Digital, you work with Influencer Marketing industry experts who develop kickass strategies to leverage your global and local marketing efforts. We personalise and customise your campaigns and we will hunt for the very best influencers for you, because settling for second best is not in our nature. 

R-Squared Digital enables discussions between real people, providing strategic and personalised expertise in creating authentic influencer endorsements of your brand.


5 months ago

In the current difficult economic climate, it’s courageous for an entrepreneur to launch a new business. R-Squared Digital supports South African entrepreneurs and producers, and has assisted one such startup in their crowdfunding initiative to finance their launch.


The idea for Sugarbird gin came about because the Sugardbird team believe in working towards creating things that don't just exist to be what they are at face value. They believe in the creative innovation of humanity, the incredible ventures that are born when people connect on common ground (often over an easy drink) and in the rewards of hustling to make your dreams come to life. But making dreams come to life is no easy feat as any entrepreneur will tell you, and so with the gin movement on the rise and desire to empower entrepreneurs in SA (especially the underrepresented women and previously disadvantaged), the team poured their passions together and crafted the vision for Sugarbird Fynbos Gin, a great SA gin with true entrepreneurial spirit. 


R-Squared Digital, a personalized Influencer Marketing agency, was approached by Rob Heyns from Sugarbird Gin, with a vision to creating a digital influencer marketing campaign which would focus on the crowdfunding required to start this visionary company up. R-Squared Digital supports proudly South African enterprises.


The R-Squared team approached a number of social media and digital influencers, including:


Darryn van der Walt


Stefan Gouws

Tales of a Mermaid (Natalie Roos)





Merentia van der Vent

Poor Man’s Caviar (Garth Breytenbach)




Click on the name to access your 15% discount on your bottle of Sugarbird Gin.


With a combined direct reach of 755,000 followers across blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, these influencers were able to contribute to the start-up funding required to launch Sugarbird into the South African market.


R-Squared is proud to be affiliated with both this fantastic South African gin brand, as well as these dynamic up and coming influencers in the digital space.


If you would like to contribute to the Sugarbird crowdfunding campaign, visit Thundafund now.


If you would like more information on R-Squared Digital, visit www.r2digital.co.za


Company info:


R-Squared Digital:

When was the last time you experienced a fully customised and personalised Influencer Marketing service? We know how valuable your campaigns and clients are to you. This is why we will not settle for less than the perfect influencer fit for your projects. We will build the ideal Influencer Marketing plan for you and your brand/s.


At R-Squared Digital, we provide integrated digital consulting, specialising in personalised Influencer Marketing solutions for our partners.


We also offer brand strategy, market research services, and so much more. By partnering with advertising agencies, SMEs, large brands directly, along with web and digital start-ups in South Africa and internationally, we’re creating exciting, pioneering customised solutions. Quantity is not our goal. Quality is. The selected influencer, putting your brand in their words, in front of a perfectly targeted audience has a tremendous impact, more so than millions of generic flashing banners.

By combining our kickass team of influencer marketing professionals, with the best in class technology, we focus on true reach and engagement with highly specialised algorithms, metrics and reporting.


Sugarbird Gin:

Sugarbird Fynbos Gin is the manifestation of a group of passionate entrepreneurs and alcohol aficionados. We are League of Beers founders, Rob Heyns and Nzeka Biyela and winemaker and distiller couple, Mark and Kelly Goldsworthy and supported by our great friends, Yuppiechef.com. With the female songbird as our gin's brand logo, we've crafted a gin with true entrepreneurial spirit - a gin that is not only about capturing the essence of SA's flora and distilling craftsmanship but also aims to empower the innovations and dreams of others while simply being a great SA gin.

R-Squared Digital – Proud Sponsors of The New Generation Social and Digital Media Awards

5 months ago

R-Squared Digital is partnering with the New Generation Social and Digital Media Awards, because the awards not only honour South African creative agency teams for their innovative use of social and digital media, along with cutting-edge use of online media and tools, they also acknowledge corporate companies and their in-house marketing teams from across South Africa for their work on campaigns that help promote their organisations and brands in ground breaking ways. R-Squared Digital specialises in supplying extremely innovative influencer marketing solutions. As the exclusive South African partner of the multi-national Social Internet Ltd (of which adMingle is one of the products), we are joining forces to bring exceptional technology, and are paving the way in the new generation of social and digital media marketing.


R-Squared Digital offers a 360O full house digital consultancy service specializing in Influencer Marketing solutions. Additionally, they also offer brand strategy and market research services. By partnering with advertising agencies, SMEs, large brands directly, along with web and digital start-ups in South Africa and internationally, they’re creating exciting, pioneering customised solutions.

The significant advantage of influencer marketing is the fact that brands and products are advocated and promoted by real people, in a very personal way, rather than providing generic corporate messages, which are impersonal and often ignored. R-Squared Digital offers influencer marketing opportunities, providing a community of influencers and micro-influencers, along with proprietary technology.­­ This technology can also be used to engage a brand’s ­captive audience (customers, followers, etc), transforming them into their influencers / brand ambassadors, while also providing unique insights into the customer experience. An in-depth analysis is also provided on the audience’s social media and digital behaviour, resulting in a clear view of what their customers are passionate about in their daily lives, which is critical for understanding the consumer journey and mapping marketing and brand strategy.

All Social Internet platforms enable sharing across most social media and blogs, including WhatsApp, with full analytics about each campaign and influencer, along with analytics on the social media engagement.

The awards celebrate ingenuity, with a specific focus on results and insight-based success, which makes the awards unique among those largely dominated by equal parts emotion and ideation. “The awards continually evolve to include new trends in social and digital media, new industry technology and platforms, as well as international trends making their way into South Africa,” says Stephen Paxton, managing director of the New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards.


R-Squared Digital will be sponsoring the following awards:

The New Generation overall Agency award (Special Category)

This award recognises the agency that has contributed significantly overall to outstanding return on investment for its client through social and digital media marketing, one that consistently meets deadlines, wins new clients, delivers campaigns within budget, shows outstanding creativity and delivers award-winning content across various portfolios.

The team at R-Squared Digital understands that outstanding creative, award winning content, delivered within budget, is imperative in creating engagement in social and digital media marketing. As a highly innovative company offering a 3600 digital consultancy, the team knows that influencer and digital marketing is brought to life by creating real content that talks to people rather than delivering traditional corporate or old-school advertising messaging.


Best use of social media in a loyalty programme campaign (Corporate Awards)

This award recognises campaigns that have significantly increased calls to action and engagement, resulting in increased members and sales.

Using Social Internet’s technology, R-Squared Digital has exclusive access to exceptional inhouse technology leading the new generation of analytics, metrics and marketing automation, yet keeping a personal and customized tailor-made approach in the way the relationships with influencers and clients are managed, the R-Squared Digital team knows these elements are fundamental to significant return on investment in marketing campaigns.

Most Innovative Social Media Campaign by a Medium to Large Agency (Agency Awards)

This award recognises the most innovative use of social media, which targets social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), offering authentic and transparent communication and professional campaign planning, and objectives and evaluative measurable evidence with which to assess performance.

R-Squared Digital, through Social Internet technology, continuously provides innovative and engaging social sharing, by transforming a captive audience into influencers. Brands utilise authentic person to person engagement. It’s not the brand sharing the message, it’s the people. This highlights the transparent communication process, while keeping professional campaign objectives.  Reward your audience for engaging, sharing and participating in the growth of the brand.


Stephane Rogovsky, the CEO of R-Squared Digital, states that “because of the inimitable Social Internet technology and metrics together with the extraordinary expertise we provide in the social media and digital space, we’re delighted to partner with an awards group focused on rewarding the innovative use of social and digital media.”


This year’s awards will take place on Thursday 28th September 2017 at The Ballroom, Monte Casino, Johannesburg. To book your tickets to attend the awards, please visit www.newgenawards.co.za

If you are a marketer and/or an advertising/PR agency, and need a tailor-made solution for your influencer marketing and brand strategy, don’t be shy: contact us on info@r2digital.co.za

Visit www.r2digital.co.za for more information.