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Gate Motors.


Gate motors now, also have to adgere to standards set out by the law. Making it more difficult for the average home owner to ensure he is within these standards. The Law now requires that a "power switch" must be situated close to your gate motor. In order for fast and effective power control when needed.


We, however, try and ensure that its hidden in such a way, that tampering from outside of the premises seems almost impossible.

Certificate of Compliance


Did you know that the law has progressed on Electric Fencing so much, that you now need a COC on your electric fence. To achieve this, your electric fence needs to adhere and comply with specific criteria set out by the OHS Act. This also means that a normal electrician, wont be able to supply you with this type of COC.

Your COC compliance fence, needs to have the right amount of Votls, earth spikes, lightning divertors, inspection points, etc...

We will enusre, we get it up to standard, or install it up to that standard. We can even ad the benefit and service, of ensuring it stays up to that standard.