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Name Tags Improve Employee Morale

3 months ago

Professional Name Badges Can Do Wonders for Your Company

There’s no question that well-designed name tags play a crucial role in any company. From security to trade shows and more, domed name badges are indispensable to all aspects of the business. But did you know the benefits of name tags go beyond identification?

#1. Domed Name Badges Can Enhance Customer Service

Don’t just take our word for it. A study conducted by UK customer experience consultant Shopper Anonymous revealed that retail garden shops increased their customer satisfaction ratings by a whopping 12% when they used domed name badges. The study involved 10000 unique shoppers across three nations: UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

#2. Name Tags Improve Employee Morale

Domed name badges have been part of the standard-issue uniform for years, and are the staple for brand awareness. A recent independent research has found out that the customers perceive employees who wear name badges as being more professional, friendly, and approachable. This promotes a sense of belonging which can improve morale as well as customer care.

#3. Benefit of Repeated Exposure

Company-branded domed name badges provide your business with brand repeated exposure. Every time customers walk into your premise; your brand is consistently instilled in their brains.

#4. Name Tags Help with Brand Promotion

Instead of spending oodles of cash on your next significant marketing or re-branding campaign, think about the impact new domed name badges have in making your brand awareness possible. A well-designed name tag with the company logo can get the right message across to the right audience, creating more leads at no additional cost.

#5. Paint Your Brand in the Best Light Possible

Your customer-facing employees can use branded, domed name badges to paint your brand in good light. If they are well designed and made, name tags can take brand promotion and marketing to the next level.

Top tips for choosing the right company for your name badges

4 months ago

There is a vast variety of sizes, styles, materials of name tags to choose from. And there are tons of companies in South Africa that specialise in name badges. With all these options, however, it can be challenging to pick the right company.

What’s the Benefit of Selecting the Right Supplier of Name Badges?

Not all name badge companies are created equal. There are those that do a bang-up job, and there are the shady folks that don’t know what they are doing. It is vitally important to garner pin badges that resonate with your company. Great name tags can attract more business, make customers more comfortable talking to your employees and bring in more revenue. That is why it’s crucial that you choose a company that create name tags of exceptional quality in Cape Town.

With that in mind, knowing whom to entrust with the job may be a daunting task. Here are a few tips to help you pick an excellent name badge supplier.

Responsive Customer Support

There is a lot that goes into creating an impactful design of name badges in Johannesburg. That is why you want a company that has a robust customer care team. This way, you can get the right help and support 24/7. That means they should be available to help you with your order, answer your queries/concerns, and follow up with any important info.

Watch Out for Hidden Fees

Some name badge companies offer what seems like a low price but add a slew of hidden charges later. That’s not acceptable. A good supplier should give you a list of all expenses involved in producing and supplying the name tags upfront.

Variety is King

When it comes to name badge designs, the more the options, the better. Having only one name tags option to select from is not so fabulous. Go for suppliers of name badges in Cape Town that offer a tremendous variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges. This means the company should carry many options of pin badges, magnetic name tags, button & metal, and a range of lanyards.

How long have they been in the business?

Look for companies that have been producing name badges for a while. If they are newbies, there’s a good chance that they don’t have the right expertise.

Good Reputation is Important

Reputable name badge companies are poised to deliver quality work every time. Don’t settle for less – go for companies with good track record of delivery.

There you are – top tips for choosing the right company for your name badges. With these fabulous tips, you can get great design and quality.

AUTHOR: Magnetic Name Badges

Easy to Put On and Of Magnetic Name Badges

4 months ago

Name badges provide a range of uses, from security to marketing your brand and everything in between. Of course, name badgescome in a wide variety of styles, types, and sizes, and choosing the right one can make more difference for your company than you think. Luckily, magnetic name badges offer a turnkey solution for any situation, whether an event, conference, security, corporate branding or special permissions to name a few.

But did you know the best magnetic name badges in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg offer much more benefits? Herein, we’ve rounded up proven advantages that make these magnetic name badges so popular in South Africa.

Magnetic Name Badges are Easy to Put On 

Unlike standard lanyard and clip name badges, magnetic ones are easy to put on. For one, the magnetic backing provides effortless and quick attachment. That is, you don’t have to meddle with clips or pins. This way, you don’t have to waste your precious time; instead, you can concentrate on what brought you to the conference, event or work – create sales, serve or engage with customers.

Magnetic Name Badges are Easy to Take Off 

Not only are the best magnetic name badges in Durban easy to install, but removing them is also as easy as 1,2,3. That’s right; you don’t have to constantly un-pin or unclip your name badge. This is especially paramount in areas or companies where you need to give out your name tag for identifications.

Does NOT Damage your Clothing

The last thing you want is a name badge that’ll cause unsightly holes, tear marks or scratches on your newly bought suit. That is precisely what standard name badges which use clips or pins do to your clothing. Say goodbye to these damages by purchasing fabulously designed magnetic name badges in Johannesburg. They are poised to look stylish but leave your clothing intact.

Works with any Material

If you use traditional name badges on such materials as silk, they’ll undoubtedly cause damage to your clothing. However, magnetic name badges can be used with almost any kind of fabric or material on earth. Using pins on a leather material, for example, is a big no-no. With magnetic name badges Cape Town, you can wear whatever you want – they can clamp onto any fabric.

Wrap-Up: As you can see from this article, it is apparent that magnetic name badges are a fantastic way forward for any occasion or event. Order your magnetic name badges today in Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, and change your business for the best.

AUTHOR: Magnetic Name Badges

Multi-colored designs and custom designed shapes ought

5 months ago

It can be intricate whilst you are looking to shop for custom domed stickers. You need a high first-rate label printing answer at an affordable rate — oh, and with a brief turnaround time. Designing dome stickers for your specifications requires state of the artwork technology and virtual printing, and a nice agency must be able to offer domed sticker in addition to provide display screen printing, embossing and foil stamping. You might already have art work in hand, or you might require assistance with photographs — whatever your needs, make sure the business enterprise you go together with in your dome stickers can all of them.

Before doing business with a label employer, discover if small amount orders take a lower back seat to the “huge guys”. When you buy custom labels, it’s far affordable to expect quality printing, irrespective of the dimensions of the order. Your domed sticker company’s printing generation ought to be digital to guarantee that your job might be performed on time and will appearance professional. Multi-colored designs and custom designed shapes ought to pop out searching superb and also you ought to accept no much less.

Finding the Right Custom Domed Stickers Printing Company

That’s not to mention that stickers printing corporations who efficaciously and economically fill small orders should not be capable of take care of the large orders. To the opposite, large quantity printing need to be a breeze on your label printer of desire. You would possibly start off with small orders, but the printer you go along with have to be able to fill all of your orders, irrespective of how big or small or whether or not you order labels, decals, bumper stickers or seals. Your name badges printer have to be capable of maintain up together with your agency’s wishes as your grow. Providing a quote before you are making an order is also a should. Your dome stickers printing organization of choice will be capable of offer precision and quality and all inside your finances.

Depending on the timing of the brand new custom domed stickers you are looking at, you could need to look online for a good sticky domed stickers company. There are many available, a few offering complete service, some presenting templates to which you may apply your design. Looking for just the most less costly custom domed stickers agency isn’t always the quality idea. You’ll want to ensure they may be shipping is right to go, shipping the order the very subsequent day. Are they round to assist out with the customization system? Do they have a phone range you may call to get assistance? There are many variables, make certain you take a look at all of the above factors out for each organization. Best of luck in choosing the proper dome stickers organization!

Frank has enjoyed growing and finding new ways to make custom dome stickers and resin stickers. Working within the printing industry for years, there may be continually a higher manner to create your very own name badges online.

AUTHOR: Magnetic Name Badges