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Meet All Your Printing Needs with Label Ales

9 months ago

Label Ales is a one stop printing solution company with extensive experience in the thermal printing industry. They are a leading broker and supplier of almost every type of printing solution. Be it any type of printer (like the thermal transfer printer, label printer, barcode label printer, etc.) or ribbons (like thermal transfer ribbons), they offer everything of top quality.

The company offers a number of services to their clients. They do extensive experiments to select the correct ribbons for various label types, like Matt, Dairy Film Semi-Gloss, Polyprop, and different varnished labels. In case of in-house overprinting (especially in food, wine and manufacturing industries), they offer their services in an extremely cost-effective way. For smaller printing runs, they offer printer rental services. Thermal label barcode printer offered by the company is available with thermal transform technology and direct thermal technology. Because of the advanced technology, hi-speed printing (approx 4 inches per second) is possible. The company prints information on blank labels that can be supplied by themselves or by their customers.

 A few reasons that may interest you to choose Label Ales:

Label Ales is considered as a matchmaker of sorts. The experts help customers to select the right labels for your products. By understanding the printing requirements of their customers, the company offers their custom made printing services.

  • Offers a cost-effective price:

Since they offer their printing solution at a cost-effective price, the company saves a lot of money by hiring or buying printing solutions from Label Ales.

  • Customer service:

The expert customer service executive at Label Ales is always there to help their customers and service the printer if any problem occurs to the printing equipment.

  • Different printing products are offered:

Some of their unique products on offer are: Citizen CLP8 301, Citizen CLP-621, EZ-1105/EZ-2000 Plus Series, Near Edge Ribbons, Citizen CL-S700, Citizen- CT S310, EZ 6000 Plus series, Wax, Wax Resin, Thermal Transfer ribbons and many more.

To know more about the company and their printing services and products, please visit their website at:

About Label Ales:

Label Ales is a leading printing solution that offers all types of printers and printing equipment. With the help of Label Ales, it has become more economical to do in-house overprinting especially for the food, wine and manufacturing industries. Their years of experience and technological advancements help them to remain a leader in printing technology.

Label Ales One Stop Solution for Printing Equipment and Services


Label Ales is the name of complete printing solution and services. They are a broker and supplier of all types of printing solutions, like the thermal transfer printer, barcode label printer, label printer, ribbons, thermal transfer ribbons etc. they have a pervasive experience in the Thermal Printing Industry such as- barcodes, labels and overprinting of variable facts on general labels.

Label Ales provides various services to its customer. They conduct thorough experiments to find the correct ribbon for different types of labels, such as: Semi-Gloss, Matt, Polyprop, Dairy Film and various varnished labels.They provide rental services for smaller printing runs. Thermal transform and direct thermal technology offers high speed printing up to 4 inches per second. Thermal Label Barcode printer is equipped with both parallel and serial interfaces. Label Ales prints information on blank labels, which are supplied by the customer or sourced and supplied by themselves.

The reasons to choose Label Ales:

Label Ales is a matchmaker of sorts. Their expert advice will help you to choose the right label for your products. Once they understand your printing needs, they will provide you with the exact equipment appropriate for your custom printing job.

Negotiating a good price:

The company saves thousands of Rands by finding the most appropriate printing equipment according to the manufacturer or company’s need.

Fixing problems:

Label Ales is always there to service its client in case any problem occurs to the printing equipment.

Some of their unique products are: Citizen CLP-621, Citizen CLP8 301, Citizen CL-S700, Citizen- CT S310, EZ-1105/EZ-2000 Plus Series, EZ 6000 Plus series, Thermal Transfer ribbons, Wax, Wax Resin, Near Edge Ribbons and many more.

Citizen CLP series are specially designed with a hi-lift mechanism for easy ribbon and media loading. G300 and G500 is a cost effective thermal transfer desktop printer. RT 700 is a smart and reliable barcode printer; RT 700 is a 1D/2D barcode scanner with a customer friendly price.

To know more about the company and their products please visit their website at:

About Label Ales:

Label Ales is a printing solution which offer you 100% satisfaction guarantee. It has become more economical to do house overprinting, especially in the wine, food and manufacturing industries. Label Ales expertise in providing the right printers and ribbons for different applications, and they do a thorough experiment to determine the right ribbon for different label substrates.


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