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Children's lives are influenced by their family and school environments. Their lives are one of learning and change and also of strong emotions. If children have a difficult family or school life, with little chance of leaving to go anywhere else and little objectivity to understand their situation, it can be very difficult for them to deal with their emotions.

Children are less able to express their emotions than adults and mostly do not have the know-how to seek help from a third party. Graphology can help to understand and to gain an insight into what the child is experiencing.

Having less developed defense mechanisms, it is important to understand Children's inner lives to try to help them with their difficulties, to make up for what they crave or to stop what is making them miserable.

At this crucial stage of a persons development, graphology can act as a guide to ensure a more healthy and balanced development.

Children's handwriting is prone to change, it has not developed into a fixed and determined style or way of writing but the changes alone give clues as to the child's progress and the rules of handwriting analysis can be applied at any age.

by Charlotte Alergant 
Diploma MBIG

About the Author:

This specific analysis was done by Charlotte Alergant from Britain.

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Business Profile




The business is a sole proprietorship, with Mr. H.J. Snyman as the owner. We have several years experience in the investigation of a variety of crimes, and is experts in the field of professional investigations. Mr. Snyman is also a Forensic Document Examiner and Graphologist. Mr. Snyman studied at the Academy Of Handwriting Sciences in Arizona USA, and Grafex Academy Of Graphology & Forensic Document Examining in Johannesburg S.A. Mr. Snyman completed a number of investigation courses in South-Africa, as well as from the USA. 


1.    The Agency is: 

      @ A Private Investigation Agency

      @ Professional Handwriting Analyzer 

      @ Forensic Document Examiner

      @ Polygraph examiner

The agency is situated in White River. Services are rendered Nation-wide as well as abroad.


1. Corporate and insurance industry investigation

According to a security analysis, billions of Rand are lost annually in the corporate sectors. The dominant factors for these losses are internal theft, fraud and corruption. The insurance industries are of the most targeted industries by fraud syndicates and dissent people. Our team of investigators has vast experience in this field, and relishes every opportunity to uncover such elements. We will significantly reduce, or even neutralize the thread of losses in our clients companies.

2. Locating of missing persons

Our confidential investigations offer our clients the advantage of highly experienced and dedicated investigators. There is a huge number of persons reported missing each year. We will leave no stone untouched, in order to be able to locate every reported missing person.    

3. Background screening of job-applicants, businesses and others

By 2010, the costs of workplace violence were near 36-billion Rand a year. These costs include:
           # Homicides

           # Rapes

           # Assaults

           # Physical attacks

           # Threats and intimidation

A loss of productivity due to these factors, as well as:

           0. Investigations and legal fees

           0. Employee theft

           0. Administrative error

           0. Vendor fraud -

              can be significantly reduced by background screening.    

4. Undercover Intelligence

We have great success with covert operations. As part of an investigation we often make use of covert agents penetrating the perpetrator’s environment, supplying us with ongoing information, which we pass on to management for future planning and/or action. This has proved to be a cost effective way to obtain reliable information.

5. Electronic surveillance, and counter surveillance

6. Matrimonial investigations concerning:

      i. Women & Child abuse & neglect

          ii. Child custody

         iii. Drug & alcohol abuse

          iv. Adoptions

7. Assistance at Schools and other Educational Facilities:

     + Drugs

     + Alcohol

     + Dangerous weapons

     + Violence

     + General intelligence

8. Handwriting Analysis for:

       * Behavioral profiles
       * Criminal profiles

       * Compatibility

       * Career planning

* Personnel screening

9. Forensic Document Examining: 

    We specialize in:

      > Examination and comparison of handwriting samples

      > Signatures

      > suspected counterfeit documents

      > Materials and devises

The agency has the advantage of:

¿     Highly qualified and experienced investigators
¿     Updated sophisticated equipment
¿     High morals and integrity
¿     Dedicated to success
¿     Access to forensic auditors
¿     Highly skilled undercover agents
¿     A network of informers
¿     Good relationships with the community
¿     Professionalism contributes to our success


Free consultations:

Consultations are free, and to maintain confidentiality we will consult with you at the place of your choice.
Our clients will be updated daily about the progress of their investigation, and regular discussions will be held with them.

Free quotations:

Quotations are free and our fees affordable. 


To provide a service that will enable people and companies to manage the risk of financial and/or personal loss by:

1. identifying
2. reducing and
3. Neutralizing risk factors.


¿ We are committed to excellence and integrity
¿ We have high morals and standards
¿ Our clients are our most valuable assets
¿ Confidentiality guaranteed in all cases and scenarios
¿ We are committed to the well-being of your family and friends, and the profitability of your business
¿ We are committed to the protection of women and children
¿ We are committed to the highest standards of investigation in all cases
¿ References and qualifications are available on request

      Other services:

¿ Tracing of debtors - R230.00
        Conducted on a ‘no trace, no fee’ basis providing we have a date of birth, identity or
        contact telephone number.
¿ Tracing (without info) -- R400.00
        Conducted on a ‘no trace, no fee’ basis if the above details are not provided.
¿ Tracing (Priority) – R700.00
       Conducted on a ‘no trace, no fee’ basis. Report to client within 3 working days.
¿ Tracing (International)—R1700.00
       Conducted on a ‘no trace, no fee’ basis provided client is prepared to carry the cost
of a Border Movement Register enquiry to verify that the subject has left the       borders of  South  Africa.  Border  Movement  Register  fee  – R350.00.  Payable  regardless  of success of International Trace.
¿ All traces are done on a no-trace-no-fee basis.
¿ We can and do guarantee traces for 45 days.

¿ A.H.A.F – American Handwriting Analysis Foundation
¿ W.A.D.E – World Association Of Document Examiners
¿ W.A.P.I – World Association Of Professional Investigators
¿ P.S.I.R.A – Private Security Industry Regulation Authority

H.J. Snyman
Tel: +27 13 750 2858
Fax: 086 515 2263 
Cell: 072 074 6938
Mailto: justitia.pi@gmail.com                                                                                                         
       Web: www.privatejustice.co.za

Code of Ethics Jaco Snyman Private Investigations


Code of Ethics Jaco Snyman Private Investigations:

• I will always conduct myself in my profession with dignity, integrity and honesty.

• I will conduct all investigations within the bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics.

• I will always preserve the confidentiality of my clients, under any and all circumstances if not to be contrary to law.

• I will never willingly represent more than one opposing party in a single case, and will do all in my power to avoid conflict of interest.

• I will co-operate with recognized law enforcement agencies.

• I will withhold myself, and counsel my clients against any illegal or unethical action.

• I will explain all fees of each case to my clients and render a full report after each case.

• I will keep proper books of accounts, and will never involve myself in dishonesty,

• I will not permit considerations of religion nationality, race, politics or social standing to intervene between myself and my duty.

• I will make all reasonable attempts to ensure that my staff and professional associates adhere to this Code.

H.J. Snyman
Tel: +27 13 750 2858
Fax: 086 515 2263 
Cell: 072 074 6938
Mailto: justitia.pi@gmail.com                                                                                                         
Web: www.privatejustice.co.za

Tips to find the right PI




The Right Private Investigator

Tips to Find the Right Private Investigator

To protect yourself from being ripped off by private investigators that could not meet your requirements, verify if that private investigator is registered by PSIRA. Remember, if you hire an unauthorized (unregistered) private investigator, he may do some things which are against the law and of course will cause you troubles in return. You may also be prosecuted for hiring an unregistered security services provider. Also verify if the Private Investigator has any specialties, and whether he/she belongs to any associations. This may be an indication of the professionalism of the investigator.  

Just as in any industry of course, you want the best service. A Private Investigator with good experience relative to your needs, who has a sound reputation and who has the right business-ethics, will be the better choice. Whether you need to know the whereabouts of a runaway teen, or investigate a case of fraud or a worker compensation case, or find a long lost loved one, a private investigator will use his/her wisdom and resources to get all the facts. The speed of the investigation will be a lot quicker and smoother if he already has experience on the type of work that
needs to be done. Check how comfortable you are when it comes to interviewing the private investigator. Make sure that both of you can communicate well with each other once the investigation sets out. Also, make sure that the private investigator you hired can testify in a court of law. Ask him if he has testified and how often he has done so.  Lawyers and private investigators have their own specialties. When joined together it results to crimes being solved, mysteries being unfolded and cases being closed. The lawyer’s role is to represent clients in courts, file necessary motions in courts, scrutinized the witnesses being presented by the other party. The private investigators on the other hand are the ones doing the investigative background checks, surveillance, searching for witnesses, doing field interviews, verifying and gathering information. The manner of acquiring sensitive information must be done in a legal way for it to be considered legitimate for court’s use. Furthermore, the manner of how information is gathered shows the professionalism of a certain private investigator. The most important qualification for a Private Investigator to possess is the private investigators person. He/she needs to possess assertiveness, ingenuity and character. He needs to have good investigative and interrogation skills. He needs to be able to convince the court, when in trial, with the professional presentation of his evidence (thus, a good background on criminal law or any related field is a bonus).

When to Contact a Private Investigator

When you doubt your spouse’s fidelity, you are wondering what to do.  First of all, do not confront your spouse.  Confronting him/her will only cause them to clean up their acts and make catching them even more difficult.  The best and most logical thing to do would be to seek the help of professionals – call a private investigator. Most cheating spouses fall into two categories:  one involves a married individual who is seeing someone behind his/her spouse’s back and another category involves two separate married individuals who are both having affairs with one another.  The norm during the course of these affairs is that the cheaters rendezvous during their work days. Usually, the cheaters live within the same area, allowing them to carry out their liaison without being too obvious.

Telltale signs that most cheaters often exhibit:

• Your spouse has been spending a lot of time lately working out or enhancing their appearance.
• Your spouse seems to be more distant and inconsiderate.
• You start receiving a lot of wrong number calls at home. 
• Your spouse is spending a lot of time on the phone away from you out of ear-shot.
If any of these sound familiar to you, then maybe it is high time you call a private investigator.  A private investigator can help you uncover the truth.  You should be attuned to your spouse’s changes in behavior.  Often times these cheaters blame their cheating on their spouses.  But this is not the case.  To ease that heavy feeling of doubt off your chest, contact a private investigator.

The Cost of a Private Investigator:

Hiring a private investigator can be a challenging task. One would be torn between finding a reliable detective to uncover the truth behind an issue and the expenditure involved in hiring a private investigator. Thus, private investigator cost is a major factor to consider in finding out the truth. The fee may be influenced by the utilization of exceptional and high-level surveillance equipment. Another factor that may affect the cost is based on the level of difficulty in terms of reaching out and collating facts from the different sources of information. Furthermore, the location of the different sources and the expense of transport may also influence the private investigator cost.
However, before we complain about the extremely high private investigator cost, we should also take into consideration the risks involved in their work. To begin with, the journey towards becoming a private investigator is not that easy. The painstaking experience of undergoing a very hard and arduous training was completed by these investigators before they were given the registration to work. Secondly, the time involved in private investigation is erratic and variable. Some investigators may even stay up all night just to follow a person held under surveillance. Aside from that, their line of work can really be dangerous. They could even risk their lives and the lives of their families if they were not careful enough. Thus, these factors should be conscientiously thought out with reference to the private investigator cost.

In conclusion, it is essential for the consumers to balance out the private investigator cost and the quality or the accuracy of the results that one wants to uncover. It is wise to expend a small amount of money but one has to make sure that the precision of the private investigation results is also not sacrificed.  One should hire a detective who is reliable and at the same time competent to execute the job. A lot of factors may influence the private investigator cost, but what matters most is that we should not sacrifice the quality which comes by with it. There are so many reasons to hire a private investigator.  Although a lot of people associate hiring a private investigator with a cheating spouse. 
This is not always the case.  Private investigators are hired for many other reasons, including doing background checks for prospective hires, potential business partners, insurance agents, and several other reasons.

How private investigators work

How private investigators work is not really a big secret.  Private investigators are normally associated with snooping around in big magnifying glasses.  However, recently the private investigator practice has changed drastically.
Nowadays, private investigators never conduct their business without the aid of certain technological tools such as the Internet, high power cameras and other surveillance systems.
However, certain items have also emerged that are very helpful for private investigators.  Here are the top 4 essentials for private investigators:
1.    Audio equipment.  There are tons of audio voice analysis and modification equipments that offer voice stress analysis, voice changing and others.  There is also sound amplification equipments used for eavesdropping on people from a certain distance.  Audio recorders, digital recorders and such also fall in this category.
2.    Video equipment.  The most common video equipments are the hidden security cameras.  They could vary from the ones mounted on walls to hats, glasses, buttons, pens and more.
3.    Computer equipment.  There are also quite a few types of equipment which are used to spy on computers.  These include software’s which record internet surfing activities, logging keystrokes and such other things
4.    Tracking Devices and Bug Detectors – Tracking devices and electronic bug detectors usually come in handy for private investigators.  They help detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including room, phone, body bugs, microphones, video transmitters, tape recorders, and tracking devices such as GPS that can track vehicles.

Here are some frequently asked questions with their answers. If you have any other questions, please contact me on the contact details below.


Will the services of a private investigator be confidential?

The main goal of a private investigator is to acquire information and evidence to validate or refute any claims as quickly and discretely and accurate as possible. Private investigators understand that work must be done with the utmost confidentiality, privacy and discretion.

Is engaging a private investigator legal?
Yes, engaging a private investigator is legal if the Private Investigator is authorized (registered).

What things should I be aware of when engage the services of a Private Investigator?
To protect yourself, verify if that private investigator is registered with PSIRA. Make sure the Private Investigator is qualified and experienced. You may also be prosecuted for hiring an unregistered security services provider. Verify whether the Private Investigator belongs to some associations related to his field of specialty.

How much are the rates that investigators ask?
The cost depends on the type of investigation and the complexities adhered to it. There may be factors that are beyond the private investigator’s control that may incur additional costs. Make an appointment with your Private Investigator for a no obligation consultation and quotation.

Is there any payment terms?
Most private investigators charge by the hours required to complete the investigation, while some offer package prices. Normally, private investigators
reserve the right to call for an advance retainer of 50% of the agreed budget. The balance of fees is payable on presentation of invoice.

How long does an investigation take?
The investigator will give you an investigation proposal with the estimated time and costs involved.

How can I communicate with the private investigator to keep the confidentiality of the case?
You can set an arrangement with your chosen private investigator. You can arrange for him to contact you via e-mail or SMS or even set a schedule.

What information does the PI require?
The requirements would depend upon the services required.

Why do I need to sign an agreement/contract?
An agreement is to protect everyone involved. Private investigators are obliged to uphold certain standards, and must ensure that they have the proper terms for engagement. The person seeking the information must have a legitimate request for the investigation of another party.

What is the biggest part of private investigators’ work?
There are generally four types of investigation. These are:
• Matrimonial Investigation
• Commercial Investigation
• Civil Investigation
• Criminal Investigation

Matrimonial Investigation
Matrimonial investigation includes infidelity investigation, women & child abuse & neglect, child custody, drug & alcohol abuse, and premarital checks. With matrimonial investigations, Private Investigators do surveillance and scrutiny, ensuring that they can gather facts that can either dispute or enforce their client’s claim.

Commercial Investigation
Commercial investigation covers a wide spectrum of activities. It includes: Corporate and insurance industry investigation, intellectual property rights, infringements, undercover operations, background checks, covert surveillance, business backgrounds investigation, partnership frauds, insurance frauds and pre-employment checks. Commercial investigation basically encompasses business-related and industrial issues.

Civil Investigation
The most common civil investigation involves mischief and pilfering, locating of missing persons, background screening of job-applicants, businesses and others, electronic surveillance, and counter surveillance. Civil cases are generally on property or personal problems.

Criminal Investigations

Any Criminal case including fraud, white collar crimes ext.

Jaco Snyman
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Protect our woman and children


In South - Africa, approximately 1 out of every four South African women are survivors of domestic violence. These women are abused verbally, sexually, and physically by past or previous partners. Each day, 1 in every 6 women who die in Gauteng is killed by an intimate partner.

Domestic Violence Facts: According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, domestic violence acts generally fall into the following categories:

Physical Violence: The victim physically suffers at the hand of the attacker, experiencing slapping, pinching, bruising, and in worst cases, murder. It often goes overlooked that domestic violence begins with verbal abuse and progresses to small and infrequent events. This domestic violence will then escalate into physical attacks, rough contact, and serious abuse to the victim. These consequences can be serious for the victim.

Sexual Abuse: In many cases, physical attacks are accompanied by sexual violence, or attacks escalate to sexual violence. Psychological Abuse: Psychological or mental abuse, such as possessive behavior, the destruction of personal property, verbal abuse, harassment, and deprivation of money are other forms of domestic abuse. Although no physical damage is caused, these are not to be taken lightly.

Domestic Violence Fact: Domestic Violence Follows Women to the Workplace

Although domestic violence isn’t conceived as a work-related problem, it is. Abuse, threatening behavior, and acts of violence do go beyond the women’s home environment and show up at work. Domestic Violence perpetrators contact the victim via phone, email, and by other resources, checking on and pressuring their victims. Sometimes this abuse may extend to co-workers as well. Domestic Violence Fact: Approximately 20,000 workers are threatened or attacked in their workplace yearly, usually by a partner or spouse. Domestic violence also affects an individual’s ability to keep a job. The following are warning signs of domestic abuse:
• Has a co-worker become withdrawn socially?
• Are he or she showing signs or evidence of assault or bruising?
• Does he or she cry or become agitated when talking on the phone?
• Does your co-worker receive frequent personal calls?
• Is his or her job suffering?
If a victim confides in you, believe them and encourage them to talk about the situation. Avoid pressuring your friend or co-worker, respect confidentiality, and do not judge them. Inform them they are not alone, and they are not to blame. Learn the domestic violence facts and become empowered. You have the ability to change how domestic violence affects females in the workplace. Raise awareness for this concern.

To get reliable statistics on violence against women in South Africa is very difficult. The number of reported cases is very high, but many cases go unreported. The incidence of battery or domestic violence is particularly hard to measure because:
• The police do not keep separate statistics on assault cases perpetrated by husbands or boyfriends.
• Many women are still unaware of their rights when reporting abuse.
• Women traumatized by an assault are unlikely to be assertive and insist on their rights. Many women are afraid of further violence from the perpetrator if they attempt legal action. This is even more compounded by the introduction of the new Domestic Violence Act, which a lot of women have not yet grasped. The challenge exists for the Act, including the regulations to be made an accessible form of legislation to benefit and protect women in all areas of their lives. Effective implementation of the Act also needs to be ensured, for effective legal preventative measures (protection order) and police escorts to abused women.
About the Author:
This document was compiled by Mr. HJ Snyman. Copyright © 2011 by Jaco Snyman Private/forensic Investigations - All Rights Reserved. Visit us online at: