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Danfoss Drives

3 months ago

The VLT® AutomationDrive is designed for variable speed control of all asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors. It comes in a standard version (FC 301) and an advanced high dynamic version (FC 302) with additional functionalities. It helps save energy, increase flexibility, reduce costs related to spare parts and servicing, and optimize process control on any industrial machine or production line.


3 months ago

Frequency inverters or variable speed drive are electronic devices that let you control the speed of an AC motor. Background: If electric motors or AC motors are operated directly from an AC voltage supply system, they can only avail of a fixed speed based on the number of poles and the supply frequency of the power supply system on location. If, however, an application or production process requires an adjustable AC voltage (that is, a controllable speed), frequency inverters are used. These frequency inverters can generate an AC voltage that is variable in amplitude (the output voltage level) and frequency from a constant AC voltage.