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3 months ago

Limousines are often considered the steed for high society or an excellent way to kick off an event in style while having fun, especially for major occasions such as weddings, bachelor parties, matric dances. Something to be enjoyed on a particularly special occasion with no further benefits than simple fun and a sense of elegance. The truth is that there are many major advantages to choosing to hire a limo for your next big night out, with any one of them being a good enough reason to opt for the service. But don’t take my word for it; here are some of the top reasons why hiring a limo is an excellent idea.

Kick the Night Off in a Fun Way

Limousines are synonymous with good times and even better memories, especially when they form the start and end point of your major event. With fully stocked bars, exceptional sound systems, more than enough space for you and your friends as well as exceptionally comfortable interiors, limousines offer one of the best ways to enjoy yourself while travelling between destinations.

Arrive at your Destination in Style

If you want to make an impression when arriving at your event, why not consider arriving in style by stepping out of a limousine as you make your entrance? Showing up in a limo will scream elegance, style and sophistication, and will certainly make a few of your fellow-party-goers more than just a little bit envious.

Get there Safely

You’re going out to party, partying is generally associated with drinking, and drinking should never be associated with driving. By doing so, you would be putting yourself, your friends and other motorists at risk of having an accident. So, why not rather hire a limo driver who you trust, so that they can be your designated and responsible driver for the night.

Avoid Brushes with the Law

If the prospect of a drunken car accident isn’t enough to put you off driving to and from your next party, then the possibility of finding yourself in a sticky situation with the police should. Besides being incredibly dangerous, drunken driving is a punishable offense and may land you up in jail for the night. It would be far better, more enjoyable and a whole lot wiser to get a limo instead.

Get your Pick of the Ideal Vehicle

Most limousine companies have an impressive selection of vehicles which range in terms of price, model and make. The one you choose to go with will depend on your own preference. It is this customisable user experience which makes each limo ride unique and enjoyable.

Contact Executive Limousines for Details

If you would like to learn more about hiring a limousine in South Africa, be sure to contact a representative from Executive Limousines today, or visit our website to find out more about our selection of vehicles and our services.


3 months ago

Every year the Oscars roll into town sweeping in a long line of classy people waiting for their turn to be in front of the cameras. While the celebrities move down the red carpet to get photographed smiling and pouting, and sometimes looking a little unnecessary, you will see every one of them appear in a limousine. Most of the time, limousines contain large groups of screeching teenage girls of bachelorettes. These classy vehicles serve as much use as a sign that says, “Hey, look at me!”, but there are exceptions. Below are some facts you most likely never knew about limousines.

Go Long: Although the first limousine was technically built in 1902, the vehicle was a little more than a classy car designed to be driven by a chauffeur. The first limousine was favoured with the big bands for their capacity to transport people and equipment in comfort, and resulted in the nickname “big band busses”.

Keeping Cool: Stack a bunch of celebrities in the same space and you get a lot of hot air, therefore it’s no surprise that the limousine was the very first vehicle equipped with an air conditioning system.

Wings are a Standard: One limousine that does not need to act as if it is flying is the presidential limo, also known as Cadillac One.

Elvis was a Great Tipper: According to a story once told by Larry King, Elvis Presley may be the world’s best tipper. After his performance at the Miami convention centre, Elvis took a limousine on his way back to the airport. While many celebrities might throw out a casual “thank you” as they exit the car, it seems Elvis was a little more open-handed with his gratitude. Once he got out of this particular limousine, Elvis asked the driver if he owned the limo or worked for a company, the driver then answered that he worked for a company. Elvis responded “you own it now”, gifting the driver the car.

In need of Limousine Hire Services in Johannesburg?

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3 months ago

Limousines represent sophistication and comfort. These notably long vehicles allow for passengers to ride in luxury and style whilst enjoying amenities such as mini bars and entertainment. Limousines offer admirable transportation for any occasion from weddings to matric dances; and many different formal events.

The Founder of Executive Limousine, Managing Director, is Johnny Manuel Carreira, who has numerous years of experience in the limousine hire industry. To be accurate, Johnny had the first limousine company in Johannesburg, dating back to 1992 known as Funky Rides.

There are many reasons to hire a limousine. A limousine is a very reliable and comfortable vehicle. A limousine can help boost your presence at a meeting or a conference and even at a party for that matter.

A limousine is the best vehicle for a wedding, a birthday party and even a funeral. Riding in a limousine has an amazingly positive effect on your nerves. Hence if you are tensed before a meeting or need to put on that thinking cap, the limousine is the vehicle for you. A limousine can help create a memorable event or make your memorable event even more wonderful.

A limousine has a larger seating capacity and hence is the perfect vehicle for a large group of people. Limousines are well-known for picking up their customers and dropping them at the given time. They are usually always punctual. Since the limousine is also used by professionals for many corporate events the drivers are truly professional and courteous.

Executive Limousine has taken one step forward by offering close protection services as well. This service can be used by anyone, for any function, be it a personal bodyguard, or armed escorts, depending on your Individual needs. The companies CPS (Close Protection Services) personnel are all trained and certified.

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3 months ago

You’ve got your ballroom dress, your date and your dinner arrangements. Now how are you going to get to your matric dance? If you really want to make an appearance at your dance in style, you need to roll up to the red carpet in a limousine.

Your matric dance is one of the most important memories of high school. For many, it’s the last big event before college and work happen. So it’s definitely worth it to go all out.

When you hire a limousine for your matric dance, it’s a sure way to make the experience one that you will never forget.

Keep the Party going

If you spend your matric dance evening driving from one location to another, you will not be able to enjoy yourself completely. You will have fun with your date and friends as you sing along loudly to the radio. But, how much enjoyment can you really have when you are required to keep your eyes on the road?

Hiring a limousine is a fun and safe way to keep the party going. Play your favourite music, take photographs, dance, and make the most of your trip.

The More the Better

Your matric dance is one of the final times you and all of your high school friends will be together in one place before heading off to university. If you are driving in a car, you are only able to fit a maximum of four of your friends with you. This means you will have to choose between your friends which will join.

When renting a limousine or a party bus, you will not have to choose. You will be able to fit more than ten of your friends in!

Get a Luxury Experience

Everyone would love to be rich. This is why you study so hard and why you are going to college or looking for a job. But, limousines aren’t only for celebrities.

Hiring a limousine for your matric dance gives you a taste of the luxurious life without putting all the work in yourself. This once-in-a-lifetime night is the most important night of your school years, so treat yourself like royalty.

Have Peace of Mind

Your dance is special, but should also be safe. While your mind is pulled from having fun, making memories and how great you and your friends look, you may not be the most alert driver.

When hiring a limousine, you are transported by a professional driver. They will be focused on driving while you are able to enjoy your night fully. If your parents are anxious about your safety on your special evening, chauffeurs ensure that you are always well taken of.


If you are looking for a limousine hire company in Johannesburg for your matric dance evening, contact Executive Limousines! We have a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Visit our website for more information today.