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We provide unique Website services with the ability to meet all your requirements and provide unique experience to your visitors.

We understand you have competitors and this is why we strive to provide customized seo services that will make your seo friendly website and business stand ahead in competition.

Our working strategy is based on a strong foundation of unique skills and advanced knowledge in web design, web development and customized marketing strategies. All our efforts are aimed at making your website visible in creative way that will result in a responsive web site that attracts consumers. Contact us for Website Design in Pretoria Contact us for Website Design

DigitalMarketingPTA is a web design agency with advanced knowledge and vast experience to helping client’s web design and digital marketing to achieve growth. We design and develop websites that drive leads, engagement, and sales opportunities. We specialize in a method called Sales Driven Design to build remarkable websites and continuously support their growth and impact.

Websites play a important role in driving lead generation and sales. Websites must play a role throughout the sales funnel–attracting, converting, and nurturing leads.

Web Design Projects

From B2B to B2C websites, we engineer a tailored, responsive design built to perform.

Australian Automotive Service Provider Website SEO & Social Media Project Australian E-Commerce Website SEO and Online Marketing Project UK Based E-Commerce Website SEO Project Portfolio USA Based Health Care Website Digital Marketing & SEO Project

Website Design Process

How do you design a website that is custom tailored to your business goals?

See below for an overview of steps from start to launch.

Discovery & Strategy Phase

Every professional website design project starts with a discovery and strategy phase where the web design team – consisting of web strategists, account managers, web designers, and technical managers – interview the client stakeholders on their value differentiation, competitive landscape, and goals for the project. The outcome of this phase is a documented timeline, detailed project plan, and a web strategy.

UX Planning & Information Architecture

We research and understand the persona needs, unique value propositions of our clients, and current performance metrics. Our approach is based on industry experience coupled with data-driven analysis and research.

Information Strategy & Messaging

We define information pathways that help your users become informed and convert. Through team involvement and a drive towards simplicity, we cut through the clutter and focus on business goals.

Responsive Web Design & Back-end Development

All websites are made to be responsive so they will work across various screens, from mobile to tablet to desktop. All frontend coding is done in HTML5, according to best practices, and a CMS (content management system) is customized to give clients the ability to update their responsive sites in real-time.

UI / Design.

We design best-in-class interactive experiences and evolve brands. We create game-changing digital experiences.

Website Launch, Analysis & Optimization

After exhaustive testing in the QA phase, a system administrator takes the new site live and another test is performed to ensure the new customized website is performing as it was designed. During this early launch period, a team also monitors user behaviors on the website and analyzes how to improve performance in order to improve conversion rates, time on site, and repeat visits.

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In latest time digital media marketing has opened many new aspects

3 months ago

In latest time digital media marketing has opened many new aspects of the marketing & advertising industry. With the improvised direction-breaking strategies, the digital marketing expert in South Africa isn’t only attracting a big variety of centered sales lead however also helping you to gain a capacity manage over the kind of audience to your campaign. With smart digital advertising & marketing strategies and first-rate content, the merchandizing professional is giving daring goals to satisfy all your enterprise answers.

Digital marketing & advertising follows a set of comprehensive steps to acquire the desired effect at the goal customers quickly. Initially, they begin with the aid of collecting each little bit of relevant information available that associates  with your commercial enterprise website. Once they’ve amassed all the statistics, they examine this big records cluster to determine the modern-day marketplace sample and the precise potential audience.

Grow High Your Small Business Targeted Time With The Digital Marketing Specialist in South Africa

Online marketing & advertising merchandizes your enterprise in a variety of patterns such as video marketing, electronic mail advertising, show marketing and so on. All of those trending strategies play a critical position to satisfy your commercial enterprise wishes speedy. The unique retailing campaign promotes your services or products in this kind of manner that it can generate exceptional leads and hence, large revenue on your evolving commercial enterprise. Attractive promotional motion pictures with gripping content material and short astounding product description can attract a big target audience global. It can also growth your video perspectives, likes and subscribers speedy.

Email Marketing is another maximum low cost and powerful merchandizing tool that makes use of the electronic mails to reach a enormous institution of audience. It deploys an expert electronic mail template, a extensive ranged contact listing and a stipulated quantity of promotional emails that would be sent to your purchaser listing to make certain your brand receives a whole publicity and ultimately becomes a household name.

With the contemporary development of the SEO trends, your merchandizing companion permit you to with extraordinary types of search engine optimization services including Search Engine and Social Media Marketing. With Search Engine Optimization, your commercial enterprise website is promoted through paid commercial to increase their rank at the search engine results web page. With the proper keyword usage in the net content, the web site is ranked better at the search engine page right away. Article advertising and marketing is one of those styles of promotional advertisement where the organisation writes a piece of writing which actually pertains to the organization product or services.

Lastly speaking about social media marketing, it assist you to gain the maximum recognition and massive website visitors via the diverse social media structures. With great content material and outstanding presentation, the social media platforms can without problems bridge the distance among the vendor and the customer. No marvel this form of advertising and marketing approach yields the maximum website visitors, the satisfactory leads and therefore the first-rate boom for your enterprise.

Digital Marketing can efficaciously help your commercial enterprise to develop exponentially with its special schemes and strategies.

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Digital Marketing Pretoria we design and build professional websites

4 months ago


No Technical skills required! It’s never been easier to have your business online. From start to finish website design, custom and professional web development. Let us help you get online, so you can start running your business.

Mind your own business!  We can give you complete control over the look and feel of your website, or you can leave that to us. Establishing and promoting your brand online is what we do best.

It’s no secret that your website is usually the first impression people have of your business.  At Digital Marketing Pretoria we design and build professional websites that increase credibility and drive more traffic to your business.

Strategy drives our creative website design process. We’re not in the business of customizing themes; we create customized experiences for your brand.

Whether you are looking to create a new website or revamp an existing one, before we even begin to think about what your website will look like, at Digital Marketing Pretoria, we dig deeper to uncover what needs to happen to reach your unique business goals and satisfy your users’ tasks.

The power behind our sites comes from our web development team. If you can dream it, we can build it. Using only the latest and greatest technologies, our development team can work within your requirements – or select a platform that would be best suited to your needs.

Author: Aakshat

SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing Pretoria

The achievement of your website on line in large part depends on the level of visibility it enjoys.

4 months ago

Website search engine optimization is the buzzword of the Internet. You can’t survive on-line without it! Understanding its principles is important to your business growth!

The achievement of your website on line in large part depends on the level of visibility it enjoys. This will only occur with a sturdy and effective website search engine optimization program. There are many ways to accomplish this stop goal.


Keywords are the ones magic words which are a magnet for your web site to serps. These additionally assure suitable web page scores. Since these are an vital component of website seo you want to make certain every web page of your web site has a terrific array of strategic key phrases evenly spread out. Many professionals conduct in depth key-word studies applications which help to research which key phrases are the maximum popular and may fetch you greater visibility on line.


The content material to your website no longer only needs to be interesting and associated with the website online theme, it additionally needs to be seek engine friendly. Website search engine optimization is based on powerful and seek engine pleasant copywriting to draw better web page ranking on line. Your website copy needs to exude professionalism even as additionally making sure that keywords are generously sprinkled inside the articles.

Meta tags and title

The identify of your web pages is what is going to appeal to search engines like google and yahoo in your site. That’s why it’s important that not handiest is the identify interesting and catchy, but it additionally has relevant key phrases in it. That manner the quest engine robots that crawl sites get to get admission to your website instantly. Website seo is all approximately being available to search engines like google. Even your website online Meta tags want to have those keywords nicely positioned.

Knowing your opposition

Many website seo carrier vendors will do an in-depth aggressive evaluation. This is because in an effort to live in advance within the opposition you need to recognise where you stand. That’s why it allows to find out which keywords are currently being utilized by your instantaneous competition. It will also enable you to examine from their mistakes and fine track your website optimization efforts higher.

Manual submission

Many vendors can even manually publish your web page to search engines like google and yahoo on-line. Through this they’re able to efficaciously and actively propagate your website to the net. Website search engine optimization strategies involve first-rate tuning of content material, building greater hyperlinks in addition to related to gear like PPC and so forth. To drive extra site visitors.

Link density

The web page rank and reputation of your website will depend on the number of hyperlinks in addition to the kind and best of hyperlinks on your site. In reality maximum of the famous serps of these days distinguish a hit and now not so successful sites through the density of hyperlinks on their web sites. Therefore as a part of your website search engine optimization application you want to make sure energetic procurement of related hyperlinks on your web page. By enhancing the link density you get to improve the relative placement of your website in seek engine results.

High best hyperlinks

It isn’t just sufficient to have a huge volume of hyperlinks to your website. It’s additionally similarly important in website seo to have good quality hyperlinks from dependable companions. Therefore, it’s miles important to test the energy and effectiveness of every link before incorporating it into your web page.

Author: Aakshat

Digital Marketing Pretoria

Rights strategies in the use of key phrases

5 months ago

The motive why website owners engage in search engine optimization or search engine marketing is to have their websites on the pinnacle positions of Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs. This may be executed for precise key phrases and is grouped into  lessons: on-internet website and on-page website optimization. The latter may be finished via creating lower back links to the website. The hyperlink will help you increase your website popularity and may be very critical for landing inside the first web page in seek outcomes. But the simple element of optimization is the web page itself. The on-page website optimization is an fundamental part of search engine optimization because of the fact it’s far the only that describes the content material of the net web site and emphasizes the primary key-word you are targeted on.

It starts off evolved with the identification of key phrases

When it comes to go search engine advertising, the very first issue you need to do is to select out your keyword. You want to search for targeted phrases or terms which can be connected in your website or your commercial agency. By doing this, you could gather immoderate are trying to find quantity. As a rule, you need to optimize each website’s web page for best one keyword because of the truth that the principle goal of search engine marketing is to cognizance on a selected key-word so one can relay a message to your traffic and to the quest engine what your internet page is supplying. Aside from this, search engine optimization will guide you in attaining the pinnacle role in search result to your key-word. On-page optimization is sincerely a no-brainer and website owner can gain the search effects function they preference given the right movements.

Rights strategies in the use of key phrases

To obtain fulfillment in on-page seo, you need to vicinity the precept key-word at relevant seen and invisible (Meta) internet page factors. The high-quality aspect to do is to consist of informative, unique and readable content material so your website visitors can recognize what your website is all approximately and might without issue find the statistics they need. Your unique content fabric need to additionally mention your key-word at the least 2 to 4 times. Once you’ve got were given written your website’s content material fabric at the side of your centered key-phrase, you furthermore may additionally want to consider a web page perceive in an effort to also comprise the key-word. Then, add some header tags (h1, h2, h3, and so on) that allows you to label paragraphs. And eventually, it is essential to be cautious whilst the usage of your key-word. Check the phrase frequency so as to avoid the immoderate utilization of the word. As said, 2 or four mentions can be sufficient.

Doing these types of will no longer automatically located you on the primary web page of search engines like google. Google particularly like easy pages which can be informative and smooth to navigate. The latter can be completed with the smooth menu from which you may gain any web page on the website in only one or two clicks.

The motive of search engine optimization is to tell absolutely everyone what your website is honestly approximately. For websites engaged in business, seo will assist them get as many traffic as possible. The range of web page visitors of the internet web site will equate to the fulfillment of their business. Optimization is a charge powerful manner of introducing your products and services online. If you are truly inquisitive about appearing search engine marketing on your business or personal website, then it’s miles suggested which you follow the right techniques and practices in search engine optimization.

Author: Aakshat 
Freelance SEO Specialist
Digital Marketing Company Johannesburg

Conduct a Digital Marketing Audit

6 months ago

Want to get the maximum bang to your greenback on the subject of digital advertising? Start with these easy and lower priced techniques for small business.

Internet advertising spending reached a file $60 billion in 2016, in line with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual record. That’s a variety of tough-earned cash going closer to online marketing. Reaching your customers may be pricey—however fortuitously for small business owners, low-priced options are inside your attain.

How can you get the most bang in your buck with regards to virtual advertising? For starters, you could grasp these 5 simple techniques that will let you correctly manage your on line strategy for little to no overhead.

Conduct a Digital Marketing Audit

“Audit” can be a frightening phrase for small business owners—don’t be intimidated! The first step to harnessing your online marketing energy is to account for the websites, social media profiles, business listings and other virtual systems you are the usage of to attain your customers (including mass emails or a enterprise weblog). HootSuite offers a social media audit template; it’s a outstanding location to start making plans your online advert method.

Observe Your Social Media Interactions

You recognize your commercial enterprise and your customers exceptional. Pay attention to who is interacting together with your organization through your on line platforms, and how they are interacting. Pay interest to the manner in which followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram are enticing with you: Do they prefer to come on your page for special gives? Do they enjoy reading hyperlinks you publish? Do they submit proceedings or inquiries? Assess whether you should use your social media as a customer service device, a promotional tool, or both.

Measure the Results

Are you having the effect you need through your internet site and social media structures? Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer free, smooth-to-use analytic equipment that permit you to degree the achievement of your efforts on social media—use them! Use the analytics gear that accompany your website, or set up a Google Analytics account to measure how visits to your website convert into real-international enterprise.

Manage Free Listings

Here’s a tip so apparent it’s smooth to miss: Stretch your advert price range by taking gain of on-line freebies. Take the time to claim and update the unfastened business profiles that are already online on sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo! And Mapquest. If this is too time eating for you, bear in mind a low-cost service consisting of a Manta top class membership to update all of those directories for you.

Allocate Wisely

Have you maximized the no-fee marketing to be had thru your DIY social media, listing and website content material, however nonetheless aren’t seeing outcomes on your income? It’s time to don’t forget purchasing digital advert area. According to CNBC, social media advert spending grew 65% inside the remaining yr by myself. This is wherein small corporations like yours are placing their advert greenbacks and reaping returns. Review the alternatives for paid promotions on the social structures your business uses.

Online search marketing stays the maximum famous virtual marketing layout, while mobile advertising and marketing revenue is outpacing virtual show ad sales. Consider these traits whilst you’re shopping for the best on line paid marketing for your enterprise.

AUTHOR: Digital Marketing PTA

By redesigning your website we give your business

9 months ago

All businesses wants their business to grow, in order for that to happen, it is important to have a website. At Digital Marketing PTA we offer innovative and creative website design, web development, e-commerce web applications, SEO services, website maintenance and much more.

Web Designing

Any potential customer needs a website that opens fast, uses simple language and effectively communicates what they are looking for. We create websites that are based on the customer’s needs and reflects what they want to convey in the most convenient way.

We utilize the following technology for our website design process:

• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Html
• Xhtml

When the world is moving with technology why not take part in it. We enable your website to speak to the world via your effective website design. Success comes from doing things differently, why not give yourself an edge over your competitors by letting us design your website.

Web Development

The aim of our skilled and dedicated team is to give, you as customers continuous support in developing and maintaining dedicated websites. We have experts who can work with you to understand your changing needs and get back to you with effective Web Development. We capture your thoughts and create beautiful websites as per your requirements. Once you have discussed your entire plan with us we work to develop your thoughts and ensure that it takes form. We ensure through our expert team, your website will be continuously monitored and any problems that you may have will be solved easily and efficiently. We develop websites that break its cross border by making it cross browser compatible with all the browsers. Our aim is to give you cost effective web development at the same time not compromising on quality.

Website Redesign

It is never too late to start again. Our skilled experts can redesign already designed websites and make it attractive and relevant again. We will do a proper analysis of what is wrong in that earlier design and take a decision depending on the severity of the problem. We will try to rectify the problem by refreshing it as a totally new one, which will increase leads to your business. By doing proper maintenance and updates we make sure that your website remains significant in today’s market.

By redesigning your website we give your business:

• An entirely new look
• Maximum leads
• Brings more traffic

ffective Communication Using Digital Marketing

9 months ago

Our aim is to help clients communicate through their website to their clients about their products or services. In today’s online market it’s not about who has the best service, but who communicates it best.

Communication Begins With Web Design

The first step in the process is conversation between our client and designers. We only commit to code once we’ve talked with you and you decide what your site is about andand what you want it to do. It is important that good design is built around a handful of fundamentals; your brand and aesthetic, targeted keyword phrase, and website goals, the rest will fall into place.

Your Options


Our preferred Content Management System is WordPress and it’s obvious we chose it for its powerful and easy to customize features. At this point in technology even the most laymen can figure out the admin area and update a WordPress site. We love it because we get to make beautiful sites that clients can update, and our clients love it because they don’t have to email us every time they want to change something on their site.


There are lots of options for setting up online stores, some easier to use than others and some cheaper. We choose to stick with the major e-commerce platforms, like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce for smaller Wordpress driven online stores, because we know that they work. We know that e-commerce brings quantifiable, real revenue to our clients, so we think it’s imperative that you have clear goals and direction for your online stores.

Effective Communication Using Digital Marketing

We are a talented team of digital marketers, social media experts and content strategists who are committed to creating tangible results for our clients. Digital marketing offers clients a cost-effective tool to acquire more customers and develop relationships. Today 1 in 4 people spend more time online than sleeping, so why not cash in on the digital world. We use an array of tools to spread the word about your business faster and more economically. We are here to work with you to develop, plan and execute the best strategy to grow your audience with:

You will notice that we start with website design and development, that’s because we believe that you need a groundbreaking website and focus on digital and social media marketing to communicate effectively with your audience. 

Link building is an important SEO tool to gain top ranking in search engines


Link building is an important SEO tool to gain top ranking in search engines. Most of the search engines give importance to websites having inward links. While developing Link Building strategies, most companies rely heavily on links from web directoriesGetting links from web directories help in building links as well as your website start receiving traffic from the web directories. We are South Africa based SEO company provides various web directory submission services. We do not use any automated software to submit your website to the web directories, we do all submissions by hand. We strictly follow the guidelines set by the directories while submission resulting in high approval rate. All these links are one way and are permanent. We use more than one anchor text and tags while submission. We also help our clients to formulate Title/Anchor Texts to get maximum benefit of directory submission. Upon completion of the project, At Digital Marketing PTA we provide complete submission reports. We submit your website to the most relevant category available in the web directory for relevancy. Some directories do allow deep link submission. Our directory submission plans are affordable and at the same time we provide you quality, good customer support. Apart from submitting to general directories, we also provide regional directory submission for Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Australian and UK directories.

Guaranteed Website Directories Listing

Most of our competitors provide guaranteed directory listing from their own web directories which does not provide you the desired results. We have different type of guaranteed directory submission service. We submit to general web directories and then check back for active links until we complete your order. This way you get links from different C class IPs, non-network web directories and free links. While preparing submission report. We provide you the exact location where your links are active. All the links are one way and permanent. In regular directory submissions plans, it becomes difficult to know the exact number of active links and their location. Since, it is up to the directory owners to approve (they decide when and which link to approve), it is very important for you to know which link is approved and active on which directory.

High PR Web Directory Submission

If you wish to submit your website only to Old and High Page Rank (PR) Directories, this plan is specifically designed for you. Old and high page ranks web directories have more weightage and are highly indexed by search engines. Search engines give more importance to these web directories. Most of these directories became the authority web directories and highly trusted and preferred by search engines. We submit to PR3 and above directories only. Your website gets one way and permanent links. We submit manually to these web directories and strictly follow their submission rules for high approval rate. You can use up to 5 anchor texts/titles.

Author: Aakshat
SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist


Pretoria-based digital marketing agency helping businesses like yours make valuable connections online.


Digital Marketing PTA is an great review-winning, Pretoria-based digital marketing agency helping businesses like yours make valuable connections online.

We are most proud of work that challenges us to learn, projects that turn into relationships, and results that generate actual revenue.


Digital advertising & marketing plays a crucial role in every stage of the buyer’s journey, from raising brand awareness at the top of the funnel to converting prospects into customers at the bottom.


More than 70% of purchases begin with a Google search. Get your ads listed at the top of relevant search engine results pages (SERPs).


Leverage Google, Bing and Yahoo’s vast partner networks to display your banner ads on the websites your ideal customers visit most.


The total number of social media users worldwide is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018. With an audience like that, the only question is: which network?


List products and pricing at the top of search engine results pages to turn relevant searches into immediate e-Commerce sales.


Capitalize on the smartphone and tablet revolution with mobile advertising within apps, SMS text messages and responsive (mobile-friendly) websites.


Today’s users expect ads to be brief, targeted and convenient. Your brand can be all three with stimulating, high-quality video ads.

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