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Graduating from The Hope Factory

9 months ago 

Determination pays dividends for small business owner.

9 months ago

Edward Mathekga’s journey into entrepreneurship started young.  In primary school he was selling sweets, and at high school he started a car wash business which employed 5 people.  “This sustained me for food and entertainment throughout my high school,” he says as he remembers back. “It was so natural for me to become a small business owner.  I come from a very poor background, growing up with no water or electricity, and I really had to make it happen on my own from very young.  I have dealt with failure and believe in failing forward with honesty and integrity. I learnt to overcome challenges with grit and a ‘never quit’ attitude.

Edward always had a passion for computers, and after an almost 10 year stint in the finance department in the Insurance Industry, he identified a gap and need for computer services. The entrepreneur opened his own company called Computer Kortez, initially offering computer repairs, laptop and printer repairs. Within the first 3 months due to keeping his overheads low by working from home, he actually managed to make a profit in his start-up phase.  With his determination to succeed, he purchased a company vehicle and built a storeroom and an office.

Edward soon started targeting corporates to supply hardware.  His first big client was Sanlam and it grew from there.  Life did throw a curve ball though – he decided to partner with a friend in order to grow the business, but unfortunately his partnership went sour and he nearly lost his entire business. He says, “I learnt the hard way; from the importance of having the right legal contracts in place to adhering to them. I believe it is better to not partner with close friends as crossing boundaries can become an issue that in my experience, I did not address adequately”.

Perseverance paid off and Edward got quickly back onto his feet to secure a new contract with the Post Office for providing repairs and supplies. Edward also started marketing his business more through a website and utilising Facebook more effectively. “I also knocked on doors for more referrals and continued to provide my computer services excellently. Reputation and professionalism is everything,” he adds.

Edward believes that his company’s value-added and personalized service and going the extra mile for his clients is what makes his company unique.  They have on a few occasions even worked through the night in order for a customer to be fully operational the next day. He understands the principle of not under-promising and over-delivering, especially as a small business.

The business has faced challenges. Ensuring sufficient operating capital and gaining more support and contracts from large corporates are just two of them. But, he says that his mentorship received from The Hope Factory has been invaluable, especially in getting the right processes and systems in place. “Without a mentor, you run blind. The workshops were also excellent and practical, and I am finally earning a proper salary now, even with the official pay slips.  It feels great to be gaining control and moving forward in my business.”  He says.



Graduating from The Hope Factory

9 months ago Grad


Opening of Storefront


We are looking to expand our current offering.

in doing so we would require more space and be more positioned to service walk in clients.

We are in search of a busy business area where we can open a store front to service walk in clients and not just the current companies we are servicing.

We are looking for a partnership with another company or investors so as to achieve this goal.