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Mobile application publication

6 months ago

C-mple  Mobile Application now available on google play store.

Click link below to download  https://goo.gl/Xx4E1X



C-mple Resellers Programme

6 months ago

C-mple founders have had years of experience working with websites and applications but what sets us apart from our competition is the method in which our staff develops these websites and applications. We have a software platform which we use to develop our websites and applications intuitively. The software we've developed allows us to automate and eliminate many of the resources and tasks associated with website and application development and ensure higher quality products overall because it allows spotting mistakes easily.

This innovative software allows us to charge as low as $100 for a website development and $1000 for an application.

We have a referral program where we can offer 30% to our marketers of every sale they can secure. What this means is that you can find your clients and set your own prices. We do the required work and you get 30% of that sale. So for example with our pricing, you would get $300 for selling a $1000 application, provided the client makes the payment, and more if you wanted to set a higher price.


What this means for our customers is quicker development times and lower costs than our competition. We've spent a considerable amount of time developing our platform to ensure customers receive the highest quality products, here at C-mple customer satisfaction is our priority. Let us know if you're interested.

Email : cmplesolutions@gmail.com for more details.