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Official Launch of BTI Capital Group Digital Platform

4 months ago

The 15th of January 2018 marks the official birthday and launch of our BTI Group platform, 

BTI Group's main objective is to work together with young professionals and tackle poverty in Africa head on. The time for relying on jobs for a career are fast running out.

Statistics around the globe show that jobs are becoming scarce and scarce by each day. Besides the issue of non-performing economies, technology has also come with unanticipated effects on the job market. As machines provide effectiveness and efficiency in industries, a job that used to be done by 5 people is now being done by 1 machine, this means 4 people's jobs are exposed. 

However, the advent of technology is not bad news. We can deal with this situation effectively by helping young professionals enter the business sector by working with them in starting their own ICT driven projects and businesses at very minimum capital requirement. This will result in improved economic performance and social development through efficient allocation of resources and participation of more people as producers, not simply as consumers. 

So what am l saying? Well, instead of going to school to get a job, lets change our culture and study for the purpose of starting businesses. ICT makes it very easy for any willing person to start own business.

Join us and lets help you get real financial freedom. We will help you start your own project and turn it into a business, as partners. One of the greatest resources Africa has is human resources. So lets work together and beat poverty across Africa.