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Core Drilling

3 months ago


A core drill is a drill specially designed to remove a section of material, similar to a hole saw. The material leftover inside the drill bit is often referred to as the core. Core drills that are used in metal are known as annular cutters. Core drills that are used for concrete are commonly referred to as diamond core drills and are cooled with water. For stonework drilling, carbide core drills can be used.

The earliest versions of core drills were those used by the ancient Egyptians, created in 3000 BC. Core drills have several different uses, either where the core requires preservation (the drilling device used in getting a core sample is commonly referred to as a corer), or where drilling can be executed more quickly as much less material requires removal than with a typical bit. For this reason, diamond-tipped core drills are generally used in the construction industry to create holes for piping, manholes, and other large-scale disseminations in concrete or stone.

Core drills are used most frequently in the mineral investigation where the coring might be several hundred to several thousand meters in length. The core sections are recovered and inspected by geologists for mineral measurements and stratigraphic contact points. This provides exploration companies with the information required to commence or abandon mining procedures in a certain area.

Diamond core drilling, a name coined due to the diamond-encrusted drill bit that is often used in core drilling, has modernised the mining sector and has directly lead to in the discovery and unearthing of many minable minerals that would otherwise have gone untouched and unexploited. Before the introduction of conventional diamond drilling, mining excavation was still primarily reliant on finding protrusions of rock, with very little information offered to us about mineral concentrations below the earth’s surface.

Diamond core drilling is ordinarily one of the latter stages of mineral exploration, in the course of which the orebody is defined in three dimensions. This will control whether or not the vision is economically viable.

Mining sites constantly have innate safety hazards and diamond drilling rigs are no different. When operating a diamond drill rig, the right protective equipment must be worn at all times. Steel toe boots, auditory protectors, gloves, and goggles are some examples of the usual pieces of protective clothing that is required.

When approaching a live drill rig, great care must be taken by the drillers before entering the work area. Furthermore, as diamond drilling is predominantly an exploration method, the conditions in which it is executed are often unforgiving and so safety precautions need to be taken while in these environments.

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